Would you recommend A Midsummer Night's Choice?


I would like to know if this game is worth spending the last of my money on Steam on. I heard it’s pretty good, but I’m not sure.


fuck yes it was one of the most surprisingly enjoyable reads


Yes. It is one of the more creative games offered. Multiple play sessions are rewarded by new material and the author is a swell guy too.


My friend had it and I played a few pages past the demo and I was like “…WTF IS GOING ON???”


It follows the Shakespeare formula pretty close imo. ymmv.


It’s very funny, I enjoyed the characters, and it also stands out as a game in which failing is as fun (and often more so) as success.

The demo portion should give you a good idea of whether the sense of humor is to your taste.


Pretty much what others have said–I enjoyed it, but it’s very Shakespearean and if that writing and humour style doesn’t appeal to you then the game won’t. The demo was a good indication of the rest of it, I thought–if you played past that and still weren’t interested, I don’t think the game proper would do much for you.


Yes, yes and yes, mostly for the reasons the others already mentioned.


Oh, I’d definitely recommend it. One of my favorite games! It’s really funny, not to mention the many, many ways you can replay it. Definitely worth the money.


@Gower is an amazing writer and really keeps close to the Shakespearean style. When I first read the story I was completely confused too, but through my confusion I still really enjoyed it. I always got a good laugh out of Prenzie, who I always ended up going out with. The bear was hysterical. I would recommend it 100%


I loved it. I thought it was really funny, well written, and the ending I ended up with on my first play through was pretty sweet, in multiple meanings of the word.


Would I recommend it? Short answer yes. Long answer hell yes.


I would definitely recommend it since I enjoyed it very much tough thats also bc it had many of my preferences in it so I can just hope that others enjoy it as much as I do. Examples for the “preferences” mentioned before: it’s written based of Shakespearan comedies I just love them and the crossdressing part, also I found it quite funny… Like someone would expect it from a story based on Shakespearian comedies.


Yes, warmly. (+20 characters)


I think I played it some months before is it the story about the prince going to the forest… Met a fairy mom… …And all …I liked the story but I think it was quite simply written I don’t think it has much value to the Choice we make I meant the stats screen … But I liked the story so definitely I recommend it :blush:


DEAR GOD YES. Play it. Play it now. Shakespeare, Shakespeare everywhere… It’s excellently written and hilarious and heartwarming and it’s got excellent characters (cough Prenzie cough) and it’s packed full of references… In short, it’s even better than the slightly cliched description I just gave suggests.

If thou wouldst know why such delight I claim,
Then venture forth at once and play the game.



You’ll get the most out of it if you know a good deal about Shakespearean tropes (for example, the whole cross-dressing thing is based on how many of Shakespeare’s heroines disguise themselves as boys), but it’s good wacky fun.