"A Midsummer Night's Choice" Has Director's Commentary

Do you want to know more about the origins of A Midsummer Night’s Choice? Do you want to impress your friends with how much you know about Shakespeare? And more importantly, do you want to know why there’s a bear? Now you can purchase the Director’s Commentary!

In the “Director’s Commentary” mode, an extra option will appear on certain choices, “View new commentary,” allowing you to read the author’s notes about that moment in the story.

To unlock the Director’s Commentary, you’ll first need to purchase the full version of A Midsummer Night’s Choice on the web, iOS, Android, or Steam. The Director’s Commentary is an additional in-app purchase for $0.99.

The author, Kreg Segall, is Associate Professor of English at Regis College, in Massachusetts, where he teaches and writes about medieval and Renaissance literature. In addition to his scholarly work on Shakespeare and Spenser, he has been writing live role-playing games for over twenty years.

Whenever we try something new, we think of it as an experiment. If lots of people buy and enjoy the Director’s Commentary for Midsummer, we’ll plan do more of it in the future.


This is something I really hope to see more of in the future!


Can’t help but feel that this would be much more successful if it was released with a new game. Director’s commentary interests me, but I don’t care to revisit a game I finished months ago. If I could try out the director’s commentary while the game was still fresh in my mind, I’d be much more inclined to give it a go. Especially since it costs money and I don’t even know how much content there is.


Finally! Im gonna love it!

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There are something like 150 annotations over the course of the game, of various lengths. I agree that might be a good thing to note in the blurb advertising it.


I’ve bought the track on Steam and it says on the game page that it’s installed, but I’ve played through Chapter 1 and I can’t see any “View new commentary” options. Is this something you have to activate in the game itself too, am I misunderstanding something, or is there a problem with the DLC?

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Yikes. I assume the powers that be are aware of the situation and will have it fixed asap.

There is supposed to be a choice right at the start that asks you if you want to have the option to view commentaries as you play. Is that not there?

Edit: you know, it’s weird. I see the page to buy the DLC on steam

but when I look at the main page for the game, I don’t see any mention that there’s DLC.

Am I just missing it?

No, I never got a choice like that. It just jumped straight to the prologue, then chapter 1, then proceeded as normal. I even tried restarting the game both in-game and by x-ing the window AND de- and reactivating the DLC on the game page in my library several times (several times for each thing, that is), but nothing’s working. Also, I can’t see anything about a DLC on the game page in the store either. I found it by searching for it in the store search bar.

I’m hoping this is just because the DLC has just been released and that they’ll iron it out soon.

While I’m enjoying the comments so far, I ran on two bugs, one was about the Courage choice when meeting the Faerie Queene and the other happened when i tried to pick Prenzie for the role of Alexis. I’ll se if I can get the pictures.

Thanks for spotting them. I hope these things can get sorted out soon. I hate the thought of people having to deal with bugs in a game that was pretty stable!

I’m such a perfectionist about stuff like this that I now have to go meditate so I don’t go mad, mad I say.



It’s been almost a month and I still can’t get the Steam version of the DLC to work or see the DLC on the game page. Is there anyone I can report this to?

Maybe @jasonstevanhill can help us. I’ve noticed the same thing. There’s no mention of the DLC on the main page at all.

If the DLC isn’t working, pls email support.

I’ll point out the description issue to the team.

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It looks like the DLC has been fixed now, at least it works for me. I found another bug though. When I chose “act innocent” when the Duke confronts the MC in the first chapter and pressed “view commentary”, it gave me commentary for the “distracting conversation” choice instead. Furthermore, when I leave that comment, the game acts as if I chose the conversation choice to begin with.


Let me try to replicate that and see what’s going on.

Edit: Yes, I think I see the problem. I’ll fix that right now and send the fix off to CoG.

Thanks for catching that!

Double edit: Fixed and mailed to CoG for their end!