Messed up


ok can choice script have seizures cause mine is




It might help if you elaborate on what you mean by seizures?


its not working right


its messed up explain rest tommorow iam tired now :-W :-W


It helps if you tell us the specific error.


like i have checked it millions of times but its still the same here is wat i did
i said goto to 2 diffrent scene but it keeps on goin to only the first one
i wrote
random… random…
*goto imprisoned
*label imprisoned
random2… randome2…
*goto escape
*label escape and even when i choose the choice that takes u to imprisoned it still goes to escape and i have no errors, checked it over like 5 times


wait testing something


ok this is tottaly messed if i chose the choice wich takes me to prison and makes me escape.
and if i choose the choice that makes me escape then it say that i din’t end with *finish


Would you post the section of this so that we may see what might be wrong with it.




k the problem is fixed lol but i fixed it in a wierd way. it was a seizures


can some1 close this thread?