May 2023's Writer's Support Thread

Hey there!

As Hannah has said: there is no need to apologize.

Welcome to the writer support thread!

We welcome your participation in these threads. I’ve seen your posts in the Doner game thread, and I’m sure you will contribute here as well, if you so chose to do so. :revolving_hearts:

On the 15th of the month, I share an excerpt of a work in progress and invite everyone to do the same.

It’s usually stuff that’s too raw for critique, so we don’t do that in the comments, but a friendly word is always welcome.

Most of the excerpts I share are from my Patchwork’s project, although I have shared an excerpt from my Emigre project as well.

I hope both experienced and new authors participate, but with that said, there is no pressure or obligation on anyone to do so.

Many people benefit from lurking and observing, and that is okay; these threads are for them too!


I understand. Thank you. I do not have a major WIP, only minor ones.

Bookmarked, thank you.

Forum coding. Death of me. :skull_and_crossbones:


Not helped by the fact that the software updates tend to remove my most used functionalities. Why updating things requires worsening user experience is something my software dev brain will never understand.

Random question, I’m working on some character designs… would it be out of place to post some pictures? I mean, I know this is a writing support group, but that is part of my writing process.


Go for it, all I ask is you put the pictures under cuts.

You already know the rules ...



Hi? This a weird post Am I the only one whose account gives weird notifications? My account is giving me notifications from 2021 to today I have more than 400

Edit At least It seems I can post fine. I will erase this post when I know all is okay.

Writing wise… I am stuck on planning game mechanics.


Yeah, I got a bunch too. Was very weird. I just dismissed them all.


Probably Like I am a forum fossil my reaction was more shocking reading notifications from 2015


Heya, I started working on a choicescript game relatively recently, and just had question.

Regarding its impact on engagement and player-numners, How important would you say an even spread of RO genders is? Because my current lineup consists of 2F, 1NB and 2 gender selectable (M/F). Not enough male options? I’d rather not add any more ROs because I think 5 is more than enough for my first time, but if it came down to it I could consider making one the F!ROs also gender selectable, even if I’d rather not.

(Also is this the right thread for this? I’m new to the writer-focused ones)


If we’re being utopian idealistic here, then 2 of male/female and at least 1 nb. Realistically, however, female love interests receive waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more attention than male ones.

With the notable exception of Blaine from The Grey Painter.


You may want to check out [Strategies for gendering RO's] (Strategies for gendering RO's) for more information.


Welcome to the writer support thread, @StellarSkadi :slight_smile:

Five romance options is a lot, especially for a new IF writer.

The long and short of it is: there really is no right answer to balance issues of this nature.

It looks like Rockmanx linked suggested threads before I could.

Hopefully, these will be a start.


Thanks for the replies everyone.

And @Eiwynn yeah, I know 5 might be bit much :sweat_smile:, but it felt like the magic number for me. I made sure to fleshout their backstories and tie them into the plot before I settled on them, but nothing’s so set in stone that I can’t change it if need be. Still, I’ll keep it in mind, thanks.


Hearing about The RO you should have and the number depresses me. I prefer surfing naked through molten lava while covering my tax records to write romance. I literally hate to write anything romance related.

But that is the thing all here know that We have to No romance no public, no game, no future.

So here am I, planning characters I don’t give a damn about romances I couldn’t care less about feeling miserable about it.


Kill them all.


I would love to but I want to publish so badly to being designed right now characters based on trendy archetypes from Anime tropes that I do even know what half of this mean.

I have been here more than a decade, I almost older than Kabutops. It is now or never, so I am totally selling my integrity in this project. I could like lie about the fact but I am being brutally honest like always.


Mind if I borrow that line for my WIP?


Sure lol


They do? Because over at the Wayhaven and Fernweh threads, most people appear to play with male ROs, and Ilya very rarely came up in the A Mage Reborn thread, in favour of Leon, even though he literally SETS YOU ON FIRE. The only thread I remember where a female RO gets more prominence is in A Tale of Heroes’s, for Ignis, which lol (for… reasons).


Yeah it depends a lot on the demographic proportions of the audience that different games are most popular with. I would adore to see some data on it, though I have no idea how anyone would research it properly.

I’ve seen people both saying that male love interests and female love interests are overrepresented in terms of numbers present in games and fan interest.