Mass Effect Game

I’ve been writing for about two years now, and recently found the ChoiceScript software. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, so it was an easy choice to write a story in that universe, especially seeing it’s focus on player choice.

I’ve written two chapters that I submitted to the Mass Effect subreddit. Commenters there recommended that I post them here as well. The two chapters have been viewed over 2000 times over on reddit, and have a 97% positive upvote ratio.

While I have some experience writing, this is my first time working with ChoiceScript. As such, it’s probably going to have some (hopefully minimal) errors.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

I look forward to hearing what you think!


If you do copywrited work even for free it’s not going to go well here.

Hey I am really going to play this because I love Mass Effect! (boo to killing the franchise) But just wanted to warn you that I tried to make a Mass Effect game a couple years back but the mods told me that using existing IP is against the rules even if you never plan to charge any money. Not sure if things have changed, but you may want to look into it before you get your hopes up :cry:

Welcome to the forum community @Worchester.

I haven’t yet read your chapters but one thing most CS games share in common is a continuity with chapters being tied together into a whole. In choicescript chapters are referred to as scenes and you can have the game continue automatically from one to the next by making a Scenes file that the code will use as a guide.

Another thing is about the IP of Mass Effect. This property is jealously guarded and as such, CoG (@RETowers) might be gunshy about having it as a Hosted game. So might @dashingdon having it on his site. I did summon them, so they should be able to give their input soon.

I’m pretty sure you can make your own Mass Effect like worldverse and get the game published, so that would be my recommendation: to work on translating your fanfiction to something more uniquely yours.


As far as is concerned, I’m happy to host non-official/non-canon/fan-fic games as most of these are protected by free speech and fair use because is not a commercial entity. However, any official DMCA or cease-and-desist requests will be complied with immediately as the site unfortunately does not have the wherewithal to defend against such requests (legitimate and legal or otherwise).



I appreciate your support, and of course would absolutely support the
decision to follow any cease and desist orders.


I am a fan of the Mass Effect series, checking it out now.

Can you rewrite the Mass effect 3 ending. :grin:


Really enjoying this man. I love that we can actually choose different races in this. However, I do think this should be translated into something not specifically Mass Effect before you get too much further into it. EA tends to be on the petty side and I wouldn’t put it past them to try and crush this game just for existing and threatening to be better than what the current ME team has going on.



I appreciate the comment!

Yeah, I would never try and commercialize this story in its current form. While there’s always a chance that EA sends a cease and desist letter, I seriously doubt they have people prowling these types of forums.

Mass Effect 2 is my favorite game of all time, and I just had the itch to create something in that universe, you know? If I decide to press forward commercially(not super likely), I can implement some edits to remove overt references to the Mass Effect universe.


Still up too this day Mass effect 3 ending pisses me off


Not really a fan of Mass Effect, but this writing is very good-- you could copypaste some of the writing into the original series and it’d fit in flawlessly.

Kinda wish Batarians were a playable option. Or Hanar. I have a soft spot for bizarre, ugly things.

More seriously: do the races boost any stats?


No, I treated the races similar to gender in the game. It’s used to help the player roleplay as the protagonist. I didn’t put in batarians or Hanar because I think it’d stretch the canon a bit too much for me. No way any Batarian is ever going to join C-Sec!


This one has forgotten whether its heat sink is over capacity. It wonders whether the criminal scum considers itself fortunate.


So hypothetically if I did my alternate DC universe series…

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I like it. Same yet different. Well done. :smiley:

Looks really well designed. Are you the same person who made those two ME interactive stories on Archiveoftheirown?

I like it but be careful of copyrights.

As long as they’re not planning to sell it and are doing so for fun, ala all fanfiction ever, and host it somewhere appropriate like Dashingdon, there shouldn’t be a problem.

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I’m not! This is the first interactive story that I’ve worked on actually.


Ah, my mistake. These were the two games I was talking about, they were similar but done on Twine and of course much shorter so I wasn’t certain.