Making the *input_text box look like a password box


Is there any way to do this? I’m not actually trying to hide anything securely (obviously I would want a different program for that!), I simply want to mask the user’s input in the text box by making every character look like a dot. Is that possible in ChoiceScript?


Wish it was, but I do not think it is. What do you want this for? A player logging onto an in-game computer?

Also doubt that it will be added any time soon, if ever. There aren’t too many uses for that kind of command (to my knowledge), meaning a lot of other new commands are likely to be in front of it in the update queue.

An alternative could be to make buttons for all the symbols available for passwords, or whatever you want this for. Each time a player hits a button, you can add the symbol to the password string and make a displayed password thing show a new bullet. Or asterisk - I’m not sure if you can even use bullets in choicescript. But you probably don’t want over 100 buttons to scroll through, so if that’s the case you might want to just have maybe five buttons.


haha alright. As you suggested, I was going to use the “password box” purely for aesthetics, and actually to keep players out of parts of the game that are still under development (by “players” I mean my family). So really I don’t actually need a password system that complex, but thanks for the idea anyway! I might use that some other time.


I have an idea: You might be able to make it so that each keystroke adds 1 to a variable, then have a piece of code that prints a number of asterisks equal to that variable. Though that might not be possible in ChoiceScript.