Password System, written completely in ChoiceScript


Hello everyone! Today I come bearing gifts! Okay, only one gift, but still…

Since it was announced that ChoiceScript could now parse strings, I’ve been wanting to implement the first idea that came to mind, that being, as you may have guessed from the topic, a customized password system that works entirely in ChoiceScript itself. Today, I feel I have accomplished this goal and would like to share it with everyone.

This isn’t the only way to do it, of course, but for me, it was the best combination of easy to use and code, as well as coding it in a way that can be expanded upon in the future.

You can try the demo of it here: Password demo
And download the code here: Zip Download

Please let me know what you think, if you run into any issues/bugs, or if you have any suggestions. Thanks!


I think that you have something interesting here… though it will take me some time to analyze and figure out how to make work in my own game. I know that you’ve provided in-scene instruction in the form of commentary, but I believe it would help most people using CS if you could provide instruction here or in the wiki for how to utilize the script- for example, what to change/add for one’s own game’s stats. Especially if there are an immense number of stats to transfer (like over 124) because of flags- true/false statements. I’m thankful for you providing this service- I don’t know enough coding to properly make sense of everything involved, much less be able to have done something like this myself, so now it becomes simply a matter of explaining the use of it as though talking to a complete non-coder (even if the audience knows some things, you still need to assume they have complete ignorance).


This makes absolutely no sense to me. A detailed step-by-step guide on how to do this would be helpful for those who don’t understand what you have done (such as myself).


Even in the demo I can’t seem to reload, I’m always getting an invalid password error, regardless of whether I enter everything, or just the number/code bit.


Sorry about that, folks. I was pretty darned tired when I posted this. I’ll slap together some detailed instructions shortly. A little strapped for time at the moment.

Not sure why it isn’t working on your end, CJW. I just tested it again and it still works for me. I’m probably just too close to the project to see the error. Again, I’ll post more detailed instructions soon.