Choicescript problems - can anyone help?

I have 3 issues with Choicescript I was hoping people could help me with:

  1. Password save system - is there any way to prevent the password showing up again after loading? It pushes the game text down the screen and makes it look like nothing happened.

  2. Allow_reuse - is there any way to increase number of reuses above 5-6? I changed the number in the JS file to 1000 but it still only allows about 5-6 reuses of the same option before throwing an error.

  3. Statscreen - I’m currently checking whether certain flags have been triggered via the statscreen, but this doesn’t seem to affect the JS variables during the game and does not affect the main scene. Is there any way of making this work? The alternative for me is to run a gosub after every stat increase inside the game, which seems to be a lot of unnecessary work.

  1. Well what the password contains is your current session data at the time of generation so your ‘current page/scene’ will be the password scene, and when you load it’ll read the current page/scene as being the password scene - so not without some obscure j/s edits, no.

  2. I didn’t realize there was a limit but if you declare *allow_reuse on its own at the top of a text file, it’ll be the “default”.


#Choice 1

Choice 1 will always be reusable, as will every other choice option in that file (use *hide_reuse to excuse the few you might not want to be reusable).

  1. I’m not even sure what you’re asking there I’m afraid.
  1. Instead of using allow_reuse, why not have a *label taking you back to the same choice? You can use the same options infinite times, or set a limit of 1000 with a simple counter.

Which door will you open
*temp counter
*set counter 1
*label door
*if counter = 1000
__The door opens!
__#The Red Door
____*if counter <1000
______The door doesn’t budge.
____*set counter +1
____*goto door
__#The Blue Door
____The door opens and you walk through.

  1. Are you referring to changing variables within a stats page? If so, any changes you make will be reset when you return to the game. No changes can be saved and I’m not aware of a way around this yet.


  1. Thanks, that’s what I figured.
  2. My mistake here. Allow_reuse wasn’t causing the problem. It was having a hide_reuse at the other end which caused the bug, since that choice ran out of available options (I think).

2. As above. My buggy code. :slight_smile:
3. Thanks, this was what I was after. Guess I will have to put in gosub checks in the game. Ouch…

Thanks to you both for the help!