Is there a way to fiddle with the appearance of the *input_text box?


For that matter, how would one use the *input_text command for a riddle or question? (Much like in Unnatural’s test).


I can’t help you with changing the appearance of the box, but using *input_text for an answer to a riddle/question is quite easy.

Create a string variable that will hold the player’s answer (let’s call it player_answer). When you ask your question, use *input_text player_answer to show the box. After the player answers, use an *if command to check whether the answer is correct or not by comparing it to a string you want the answer to the current question to be.

In case I explained this badly, here is an example.

*create player_answer ""

*label question1

What mythological creature has the body of a human and the head of a bull?

*input_text player_answer

*if (player_answer = "minotaur")
    That is correct!
    *goto question2
    Unfortunately, your answer is incorrect. Try again.
    *goto question1

*label question2

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