Can you answer a question with input_text

Basically, instead of answering questions using multiple choice, is it possible in the game to answer a question using input_text, so that if you type in the right answer the game advances, but if you type in the wrong answer, you need to start again?

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I have used this method several times. I simply do a gosub check and if statements.

Yes. (Though I figure you’d want more information than that.)

You can check what someone wrote using input_text by using *if statements.

So if for example someone had to pick a value for the variable flower, and you want to do something if they type roses or otherwise repeat the question it would look like this:

*label question
Choose a flower.
*input_text flower

*if (flower = "roses")
    *goto roses
*if (flower = "Roses")
    *goto roses
    *goto question

*label roses
Something about roses

Thanks guys! This is really helpful! :slight_smile:

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