Generating a password and setting individual letters

I was wondering if it is possible to set an individual letter/position to a certain thing.

*if var1 = 1
   *set pass#1 "1"
   *goto pos2
*else var1 = 2
   *set pass#1 "2"

To in the end have an individual password.

I know it would be possible with temp

*temp passpos1 ""
*temp passpos2 ""
Then set them and in the end have
*set pass "${passpos1} ${passpos2}"

But i wondered if itd also be possible to set individual positions of a variable.

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You got it right. If you want for a string to contain multiple value, that’d be the best way to do it.

Though this brings up the question.
Why don’t you just use this?

*input_text password

I was admittedly musing about Versus3 and about creating passwords to enter somewhere in games.

Others have mused how one could carry over the chars from thp without loading a game (which isnt possible in this case afaik) and without long extra questions about the presumed hr chars.

The one way i could think of would havd been the above password system that would generate one in one game based on the variables there and could then be entered into another game to set certain variables cutting down on code and time.

And I was thinking about using this in my games to a different end

I’m currently building on my own save system that records most stats you have in a point of the story, kinda like a checkpoint.

Of course, what I’m inputting is not any randomly generated password. It’s the stats’ value itself, arranged into a long single string.

IDK, if you’re looking to make a pass-generating thing, you’d need to build yourself an enigma engine so people can’t fabricate their own save.