Mahou Magica (Magical Girl WiP)

So I decided to work on a side project instead of my main project because I have no idea what a work schedule is. This one is pretty much a Magical Girl expy not unlike Madoka Magica or Yuki Yuna is a Hero.

At the moment, its a short demo to see if Magical Girl genre is even in demand. It is also Girls-Only. However, I do plan on making an alternate Male Route (with different characters) and a Nonbinary that can choose between the two. However, I will focus mostly on getting the Girls Route at least somewhat done before I focus on the other two. It’s also likely going to be more focused on same-sex relationships than not since it’s a 5 girl/5 guy team with maybe only one other opposite-sex character (Ala Sailor Moon).

So, as the title implies, it is going to be played off as a typical Magical-Girl spiel. Quirky tropes of characters, cute outfits, motifs and weapons as you kill the Monster of the Week. However, there is a reveal that turns everything on its head. A nice chunk is probably inspired by Madoka, which I’ll promptly satire or deconstruct (depends on what tone I feel like going with).


These are what I found :point_down:


There this error when I press “Show Stats”:






Okay that aside, I going to be honest, I not really a fan of magical girl thing-ish and thought that I not going to be really interested in this, but then after trying the demo I pleasantly surprised that this really interesting and not what I thought it would, so I’m will looking forward for more :slightly_smiling_face: (especially more Henri :blush:).

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Mahou shoujo? Hey we got superheroes and dragons already, why not magical girls!
It certainly seems interesting so I say do please continue it. :wink:
(It really is inspired by PMMM, that transfer student scene xD, we madoka now)


Mahou shoujo!! Yay!!! I love your idea already!!! Keep going!!!:grin:

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Just watched pmmm and yyiah so I am pumped for this

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Being Meguca Is Suffering… but your game sounds awesome!


I always wanted to be a magical girl.

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i love see more how this story play out

I am definitely interested in this, especially after hearing how it’s inspired by two of my favorite dark magical girl animes! My only “complaint” is that Henrietta keeps calling us “dude”… you said that (for now) our default gender is female, so shouldn’t she be using a more feminine pronoun?

I’m reasonably confident the usage of “dude” varies wildly from region to region, and is almost completely neutral in some locations (California, I think I read?) but primarily masculine in others. Henrietta’s usage of it does seem rather excessive by the standards I’m familiar with, though it feels… it’s hard for me to explain. Like an exaggeration, rather than a fabrication? Like something that could happen where I live, but probably only rarely.


Hmm, I guess that makes sense. Are you going to give us (the player) more options to “customize” our characters beyond just choosing their eye color in the next update? Also, is there going to be a Kyubey like creature? Kyubey was my favorite character in Puella Magi Madoka Magica :heart:!

The dude thing is mostly for place-holder reasons at the moment. I wrote it at 3am as I’m fairly certain most people can tell o_o Might also make it from a First-Person view in true Visual Novel Style. And make the intro longer in, again, true anime fashion.

More customization is to come, of course! I plan for at least hair color and weaponry before any big monster fights. The Kyubey creature is also the one to pop in for the monster fight as well. I’m basing it off the Questing Beast since the motif the Girl Squad is Round Table Knights.

Quick edit: Eye color is actually the color motif for the PC (as well as the other girls). Hence why there’s so few and weirdly chosen.


At least you won’t keep on teasing that the mc will become a magical girl all troughought the series and then never actually happen except for flash backs or until the very end where it’s just a big middle finger in your face for the last 10 minuites

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I love Madoka magica, (although not a fan of most typical fluffier sailor moon type magical girl anime). If you write something along a similar theme I’d be interested :slight_smile:

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Aw yeah magical girl CYOA. Naturally as a huge PMMM fan I had to play. Looking forward to what comes next!

On a side note I’m pretty amused by how you compared this CYOA to both Madoka and Yuuki Yuna…seems like there’s probably going to be a measure of suffering here as well :wink:


Thanks everyone for the support and the error finding (I couldn’t spell for anything ahah)

I gave a quick little update! This time with a very vague introduction to the Male side of things and more guidance as to where the Introduction fluff is going (ie: lunchtime). More Henri and more understandable writing! Huzzah!


EH!? I am so down to see how this turns out! <3

Yes, let me become the magical girl. This will be great.

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question: can we become witch


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