Magium - The mage tournament - Now available on Google Play and App Store


That’s enough for me.


Hey there,
I’ve been enjoying the book lots so far(“playing” on Android), unfortunately since the update that added the second book, the app just crashes for me. Using a Vernee Apollo Lite with Android 6. Since I can’t really get it to work again (cleared cache), I’d go for a reinstall. Any hint as to where on my device the savegames are kept?
Thx in advance,


From what I know, the saves are being kept in your app data folder, which is hidden from you unless your device is rooted.

I’m planning to add either cloud saves or an option to backup your saves somewhere locally where you have access to them in the future, but I am not very familiar with the game engine’s way of doing either of those things, so I will need to find some time to work on it.

Sorry about this…


Will the second book and the third (after they’re finished) still free?


You can already unlock the 2nd book for free, by completing achievements, and you can read the first 2 chapters that have been written so far.

The third book will also be unlockable by completing achievements from the 2nd book, which will be revealed at the end of the book.


Can’t wait to see where the story goes


It’s the best text game i’ve ever played. However, some stat checks are not logic(no offense). for example, you can hear invisible ogre footsteps with 2 hearing and hydra’s heart with 4… so i think you can hear crack on the ground with 2 or 3 not 4?.. .
Anyway, it is a great story. It is very complex even in the past of the story.


i ve beed playing the first book for a week now!! i really love it!!! it has everything!! the characters are unique!! good job mate!! i hope more and more people play this game cause you deserve it!!
( i would like to be maybe more active as a player but i dont mind it!!)

i have a question :slight_smile: is the end of book 1 the same for all players or did i messed up? xD cause my ending is kinda bad :frowning:


Depends on your stats.


:confused: so i guess i have to play last chapter again?? what was your ending?


I guess what you mean is about rose death, but you can save her with 4 level in observation, hearing, and speed. I saved her in my ending.


yeah thats what i mean ;_;
thank you very much!! i will do that!!


Is the web version of magium only until barry meet eiden again after the ogre stronghold things ? Are you going to finish that?


Spoiler alert. If I remember correctly,Rose will not be appearing in the next books, expect for some calls with the transmitors. So, romance her while you can! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Ok, it appears my understanding that Magium’s being developed by a Romanian group’s mistaken xD

When I found this thread, I thought it’s another “What do you think of X game?” discussion thread.

But no.
It’s an announcement of the game’s release by the writer’s itself.

As a fan of fantasy action-adv genre, such thing successfully made me gone wild!

Ok… I need to cool my head.
Good luck with the steam release tho

P.S. : Can I somehow delete a saved game? 9 slots feels very tiny and I wouldn’t mind to delete some obsolete saves


If I remember correctly there isn’t,but you can new game save over it. (Just don’t new game on your actual file,trust me, it’s painful…)


That’s the problem :confused:
I’ve like… whole save slot filled with saves, and only the last 9th slot I use for my actual walkthrough.

If only renaming can be that simple, but the character limit force me to go “chapX Lol, chapX romros, chapX statless” and the process of thinking for those weird abbreviation requires much brain power :v

Not to mention the achievement-hunting-saves that gone obsolete once you got said achievements xD


I’m gonna take a guess and say that Lol is your actual playthrough?
Edit:I forgot to mention that I’m playing from a phone so I don’t know how to name staff…So I take Memos instead…


Hai author, do you have any games recommendations that as good as yours, this is my first game cyoa I ever play, Thanks for the game btw, I’m a huge fan of rpg


It depends on your tastes. From Choice of games/ Hosted games the only wizard themed game that I know of is Life of a wizard, but it’s possible that there might be others.

Other games that are text-game-ish on Google Play and are about wizards as far as I’m aware are Wizard’s Choice and the Sorcery series.

Keep in mind, though, that most text games on the market either require payment upfront or after seeing the demo. You should be able to tell if you’re going to like a CYOA game or not based on the demo, most of the time, though.