Magium - The mage tournament - Now available on Google Play and App Store


Lost Heir series also has a wizard path.

 Hey I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed your first book and I think you have a lot of talent in crafting an exciting, humorous, and at times suspenseful novel. 
 I wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work. I also, would like to craft a novel of my own about a world that is parallel to our own, but both sides have influence on the other. I've never written one before so if you could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it!


Hey, I'm reading this book and can tell that is very good written and the story and characters are winners!


(in first sorry for my englsh)
This game was so good!
I did't expect this, i play many cyoa, but none has be that great.
game has got some little defects but game still has playable
(this defects is only technical, for example, crash on too fast clicking buttons like menu, save/load)
Thanks for creating game


Are you reading CYOA books at the same time you're writing this?Cause that would be cool!


Guys when is next update coming .


The app says it’ll come in the last third of Jan, so it should be here really soon! The estimate is always found after the latest chapter.


Ummm , when is the next update coming exactly ? Its like the end of january already


I think I got too much


You are not the first man, I did it like 2 months back.


I just uploaded chapter 3 on Google Play. It should be available in the next few hours, depending on Google’s servers.

Have fun!


Done…Well,the only thing I can say,is that writing “Leila wrote” so many times instead of said must be hard…


Be careful while editing data file it may corrupt the game sometimes


Hi dev I m just here to say that I read your chapter 3 and it’s good but you know it was short compared to 1 month time hope you will do work faster and better then best :heart_eyes:.


Just relax, as long as you use Gamekiller or GameGuardian, you will be fine.


Better use Xplorer ,it provides search function also and as per my knowledge of use of GG it requires you to know the data type like double ,float char etc for easy use and sometimes it might get tough with many results .


Never heard of it, will see.


But u know it will help only in some games where they store data in root /data/data folder. If u want it for this game search for all extractor to get it’s data file name which starts with org or com or whatever . There go to shared prefer or something and in that setting it will have most data .


I mean apk extractor not all ,r you can just search in the data file for any file which resembles the game name .


Cheatdroid will bear the same results, anyway, let’s not venture away from the topic anymore, we can continue our discussion on a private thread if you want.