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Grumble grumble really cute dwarf romance grumble. But no really i love the game :grin: unfortunately i had deleted the app and when i reinstalled it i had lost all my achievements and access to the second book​:sob:.

Wait how many books are you planning to write?

He said about 6-7 books. :blush:
Sadly his last update was book 3 chapter 5. That was a pretty long time ago. I hope he is okay.

I don’t have idea how to end chapter 6 book 3 without stats :smiley: can someome help me? :smiley: i always die when we fight with royal guards after wisit in herbal shop

You can’t, you must have the stats required. I was very frustrated but luckily i remembered that I had a save in a point where I could distribute my stats. Honestly, I don’t know another way

Restart book 3 if u dont have a save with unspent stat points.

Guys but i want end this without any stats xDD average joe is end or what

To survive this chapter without stats, you need to choose to make preparations for the fight instead of calling to get teleported, after that you need to attack the ambassador, then go back to Kate and Illuna, and later you need to tell Kate to reinforce the ice dome.