Magikiras Rescue Unit (WIP)

Hi, it’s me again and here’s the third game that I’ve come up with. Well, I know I said that there won’t be a sequel and technically, this is not a sequel. Magikiras Rescue Unit is a spinoff that takes place a few years after Magikiras ends.

A private company has decided to create a new type of powered armor and you play as one of the new employees who is hired as the project’s suit users. The emphasis for this game is rescue mission (no duh, it’s in the title) and the suits will no be outfitted for combat of any kind.

Mechanically, I am using a modified version of Carebanet Girls’ stat and skill die roll in this game. It’s easier to balance IMO and lends a bit of unpredictability to the game. Blame this on my preference for the Lone Wolf and Fighting Fantasy series of books.

Magic has also been changed in this version so that it’s now an actual skill versus a yes/no function that the previous game was i.e. it’s been nerfed so that you need to pass a skill check as well as burn energy in order to use the skill.

Nothing concrete on romance options yet. I’d prefer not to write any if given the chance but I sense that people will complain about this :sweat_smile: That being said, each character introduced in the game is a potential RO so it will all depend on my mood when I write.

As is usual, the game is quick-tested, random-tested and spell-checked but thanks to my usual silence on the forums, it has not been privately tested by anyone yet and I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of errors in there that has not been caught yet. Let me know if there’s any that has not been found and I’ll fix them. Thanks.

And in case anyone missed the link above, here’s the link to the game again.


Ann goes through the list and nods. “Yes, I see your name here, Mr. {$sname},” she says

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Seems interesting so far. I’m really curious to see how this will go. Will the backgrounds we choose at the beginning have any effect later on? Like sometime in the future we get a day off and maybe have a scene where we meet up with some old friends and or enemies?

Hi, this is some issues that I found:

  • In the stat screen there’s Magikiras Units and Magikiras Unit. I know they refer to two different things but I think it’s kindda confusing because the names are too similar. Or is it just me? Sorry :sweat_smile:

  • I think waiter is more for men. When it’s women better change it to waitress.

  • There’s this bug on Magikiras Unit stat screen.

  • The three of you (well, more like two of you; Yeng interjects every once in a while in her usual grumpy style } discuss about the topic in a rather light-hearted manner, at least until the door opens and you turn to take a look. = Should be ) instead of }

This seems like a pretty interesting spin-off. Good luck! :grin:

Yay , more magical robot action! :smile:

Cliffhanger ? :hushed: :joy:

Also , actual things :

  1. A cool wind blows as a woman in her late 30’s walk to the Tall Blue bar.


  1. “Hey,” she says you

says to you

  1. she says and you take her shaking it once.

her hand , shaking it once

  1. Some of the protocols makes sense and the rest are silly


  1. What the suits are like,” Yuri says with a grin.

What are the suits like ?


@Aznxa Currently the background info counts as feats which enhances your skill checks depending on the situation. So, for example, the construction worker background gets a bonus to their Athletics check when you select an option that involves strength.

@Elynee Yeah. That looks like an naming issue for the codex bit. Will see what I can do about that.

Also thanks @SirLordChris for the error checks.


Seem interesting can’t wait for more

The save system doesn’t seem to work:

I’m aware of that. Don’t worry too much about that since once the third chapter is up, all savegames will be invalidated since I had to redo the entire upgrade system to something else today. That means that there are a lot of new variables and old ones that are gone.


and here’s to me waiting for another good game to come out :slight_smile:

Will we be able to see our rolls at some point?

I’ll consider it. It’s early enough in the game that I can make the adjustments without tearing out my hair. The question is, though if I should include perception, empathy and resistance roll results since these checks are auto checks.

I say give the players an option at the beginning of the game if they want to see any of the rolls. But to prevent it from getting all clogged up I’d say only show rolls were if you were to fail them it would affect the story in a noticeable way.

I’m so happy to see anything that is Magikiras. I loved the original game. This seems like a great game from what you got done

Small update for the demo. The restore password has been patched in along with a new chapter. Let me know if you think it’s too hard or if you run afoul of the timer constantly.


In second chapter during a talk with Lamesha:
set talking +1 Okay…that was a real killer.
And in third chapter:
set endresult -20 Three hours pass

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Alright, so, I’ll try to be brief in this: I recently bought and just finished your previous game, and stumbled onto this, and there’s one feedback I wanted to give: I’ve played a few other choice games, but especially in Magikiras I made a few goof ups such as clicking on meeting up in person, thinking it’s possible and not that you’d insist the deal into being broken, and calling Morgan’s voicemail, thinking it was a bug, so keeping the save functionality would be very neat if possible.

Also, the password retrieval doesn’t seem to work:

I’m not really a fan of the dice rolls so far though, especially with the save function not working for me. With save function it adds a lot of variety for different playthroughs, but makes it a bit more of a dice roll game instead of a choice game, which can be frustrating, especially if you try to get back where you were. So far I noticed that it made me more inclined to focus my stats (perception and social mostly), just to reduce the risk of failing a check.

I really do enjoy your writing though, and haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary whilst playing through the WIP a few times (asides for the save thing)
Keep it up!

Noted. I’ve added a law of average option that can be selected at the start of the game for those who don’t like the randomness. Let me know if it works out fine for you.

Edit: Readjusted the character sheet for those who wants to play through using the average system.

Question to people who actually read this and who actually answer my questions: if I were to have romance options, would people want to play through the dates or just keep through to the end?

Thanks in advance to anyone who actually answers my question.