~Magical Life~ (WIP) Updated 2/6/18

Welcome to Belrose Academy for Unawakened Magical Beings!

Play as male, female, or non-binary.
Make robot girls!
Become a large ham.
Tame monsters (maybe)
No romance! I’m like literately 1 years old.
Twilight Zone and The Evillious Chronicles references!
Magical Girls!
Karma Meter!

You can play it here!

So! Would you even play it? Is there any interest for more magic schools? How about anything without romance?


Sounds neat, but do I run the risk of becoming an actual ham if I cross the wrong person? :stuck_out_tongue:


The school has a barrier around it that erases curses and stops them from being cast. Combined with the fact that the barrier also keeps people inside the school. No, you do not run the risk of becoming an actual ham.


Why so adamant about the romance part of it? I mean I’m fine with the decision, but I’m still kind of curious.


Okay, just opened the demo, and I have a few critiques.

  1. The start seems way too rushed. Perhaps make the MC working on a term paper late at night and trail on about that for a bit, and then have the player notice the golden letter. It’d be a lot smoother and more natural in my opinion.
  2. After we get zapped to the Academy, we see a girl there who screams at us. I found that I think it would’ve been nice if you had made a couple observations about the girl to let the player form a clearer picture of who she is/will be in the future.
  3. Pacing. Pacing. Pacing. One of my greatest pet peeves is this exactly. You need to be able to pace your story correctly for the player to be able to enjoy it, and with this tiny little sample we’ve been given, it looks like you’re trying to do a 100m dash! Slow down and add more detail is my suggestion. When making the scene, try to picture what the player will ask, such as “Why is this happening?” “Why is this important?” “Who’s that?” “How does that work?”. Basically, pretend you’re 5 years old again and question everything!
  4. There are grammar and spelling mistakes, but I think those can be ironed out later.

Almost every game I see on here has a romantic choice while mine just doesn’t. :woman_shrugging:

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  1. The start is something I’ve noticed, so I’ll fix that soon.
  2. That is something I had, but the variables were messing up so I’ll try to put that back in later.
  3. That is another problem I’ve noticed, I’m not very good at detail.
  4. I should probably vomit most of this stuff into Grammarly. Writing late at night and not sleeping for 2 days is not the best thing to do

i got a plan get out of magic school

Romance is good falling in love with some the power of it makes you human

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Ever concidered getting a third party to add romance elements? Just an idea, good luck

This sounds really interesting, but I do enjoy romance throughout my reads so would be appreciated if you’d add some. :slight_smile:


How long do you plan on making a list of “magical beings” for this?

Any chance we could have some awkward friendship time? Like with talking animals or shape shifters or something?

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No romance? That’s fine with me as long as we get to make strong friendships.


This game is awesome!!!

A school setting without romance? Teenagers and young adults who aren’t even one tinesy bit interested in flings and crushes? I guess it really is a magical world… Many games here include it becase at this point it is considered a standard in CoG/Hosted titles, just like the ability to choose our gender. But heh, your story, your choice.


Plenty of CoG games don’t have romance. For example, Hero of Kendrickstone doesn’t have one, and a lot of people liked that game.

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Hero of Kendrickstone touches on romance, and the second game in the series allows you to start a couple.

Okay, well there are other games (like the new Aether one) that don’t have romances.

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After way too long of a time, CyberCat has finally awakened from her evil slumber and actually freaking updated her game!
From what I remember it’s mostly just an expansion to Chapter 2. It is of course playable here.


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