Mage Elite (Scifi/Fantasy) (PUBLIC BETA)

Will there be more variants of zenos?

For now the plan is 3 different types, but we’ll see!

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Now roughly 50% of the game’s content is already functional in the demo. Any feedback is welcome to guide me in possibly altering some things for the rest of it!

It may actually be possible that it’s already finished during June. The next update will likely simply be the whole public beta of the game.

This game was never going to be all that long, and it’ll probably also be a free-to-play game, like my previous two games. However, it should become at least somewhat longer than those. My fourth game, on the other hand, will probably be massively longer!

Here are some new polls too just for extra feedback gathering…

How does the size of a game affect your level of interest in trying it out?
  • It’s a dealbreaker if it’s somewhat short/small (50-100k words)
  • It would discourage me but not a dealbreaker on its own
  • Doesn’t really matter
  • I prefer shorter ones

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How do you like the game’s content so far?
  • Excited for more!
  • Worth my time so far
  • Not really interested anymore

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Top request going forward?
  • More class/party interactions / character development
  • More spellcasting / magic combat
  • More world building / side characters
  • More minigames / extra content
  • More choices/branching

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Favorite named character so far?
  • Arth
  • Maria
  • Sera
  • Will
  • Zavier

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Oh yeah, and any feedback about the two minigames in chapter 3 is very welcome. Mainly if they’re fun enough to play and is the difficulty/complexity level alright…


Really like this game!
But I am an error at “What we’ve named the forth nest…” which I cannot get passed :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the catch! It should be fixed now. There was a possible stat distribution that made you unable to make progress past that point in the game.

Bump for a big update: the whole game is now playable at Dashingdon (view the first post of the thread for the link), and so the project is finally in public beta!

Any feedback is very welcome about the final(?) product. I doubt I’ll be making huge changes to it anymore, as I feel that the game is pretty complete as it is, but I’ll at the very least consider any suggestions. Mainly I’m looking for clear/necessary fixes to the text/code though. I may still also add some new content, but probably not a lot, in order to keep the flow of the game pretty fast-paced.


Can we have the list of RO?

@Sakura_Higanbana28 In the end, there actually isn’t real romance in this story. I guess you could say you can deepen your bonds with several characters, but more like comrades than lovers. For certain reasons, I felt like romance wouldn’t have fit very well into the events, especially the last chapter… also, I can’t say I’m great at writing romance, so that’s partly why things ended up like this too :smiley:


Ohhh that’s too bad.:disappointed: I always like having a romance options in my games but if you say so. I won’t push too much.

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Haha, I do understand. I admit it can be a great addition especially to fill the void of downtime / slower periods of time in a story, and for an extra aspect of motivation to feed interest in characters over time. I guess I will try writing substories like that properly at some point too. This story just wasn’t quite meant to be for romances…


Oi @Zaldath are you gonna add the save feature?!?

I’ve actually never used that feature for Dashingdon. I wonder if it’s really necessary since an average playthrough is around 15-20k words? I guess I can add it though… let’s see.

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I think the save/load feature for Dashingdon should be working now.


You have quite interesting concept here. Binding specific personality to specific magic is clever idea ngl but i dont like the fact that the story pick magic by itself for mc. I feels like my mc gone out of control when it comes to magic. Cant predict what act and magic mc do either. Maybe add glossary about what personality do what magic?
Tho tbh i rather let mc use magic what i want than let ruleset decide it.

@Den I agree this magic system didn’t work quite as well in practice as I imagined. It’s basically quite unpredictable/unreliable in the spell selection. However, mainly the spell choices just add flavor to the story, and only a few spell choices toward the end actually impact the development of the story (and even then, your spell selection will reflect your play style). That’s why I don’t really think it needs to be revamped in any major way at this point, even if it doesn’t work perfectly as I hoped it could.

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I guess no errors have been encountered so far? That’s my main concern at this point, since there is quite a bit of code in the last chapters.

Other types of feedback are also still very welcome. I doubt there will be huge changes to the whole game anymore, but if there’s a specific part of the story that feels lackluster / not so well thought out, I may well revamp limited parts of the game before submitting it forward.

Quite an interesting stat mechanism!

You should have a Kofi or patreon so we can atleast support you :smiley:

@Big_fan1231 Thanks for that thought - that’s what really counts!

However, as far as I know, Patreon (or even Kofi) doesn’t make a lot of sense for what I’m doing. They’re helpful if you have a big audience following a popular and consistent project, such as a multi-game series or one massive game. Then you can provide development updates / teasers / polls etc. for your established supporters to keep them engaged in the process. On the other hand, I’m currently making shorter games that have no real connection to each other, so it’s unlikely for there to be a big audience that’ll support whatever I happen to be creating. And due to the overhead / expenses / time spent, it’s apparently not worthwhile to go for Patreon if you expect less than 100$ per month or something like that. Kofi seems to be relatively easier to set up / run, but much of the same stuff applies to it too.

By the way, even with free HG games, it’s not like I make zero income out of them. I still get 25% of the revenue from ads and ad-removal DLCs. I’m also not really in poverty or anything like that anyway :stuck_out_tongue: For now, this is pretty much a hobby for me (writing HGs). My next HG game should be vastly longer and more complex though. It’ll likely be a free-to-try, pay-to-play game, although still not expensive. Hopefully I can manage to finish it within 1-2 years! (all the games I’ve created so far have only taken about 2-3 months to write)

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I made some minor improvements to various parts of the text (especially regarding Sera’s 3rd bonding event and the first scene of chapter 4). There were no code changes this time around, however.

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