Lux: City of Secrets - Book 3 of The Evertree Saga by Thom Baylay

I guess my brain isn’t good in remembering any physical descriptions in games lol this is actually how I imagine everyone in Evertree :flushed::sweat_drops: (tbh I imagine Wen with reddish brown hair but darker hair looks better in the drawing)
glad you like it tho haha


Haha, half the time I don’t imagine them how I wrote them either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And the final winner of the Evertree competition (sorry it took so long to update!):

@Unregistered’s incredible mini choice adventure set in the Evertree Universe. It’s a lot of fun and a very clever play on the theme of the competititon where the prize is to name a new character in the series!

Thank you again to everyone who entered. Be sure to watch my social media for other fan entries which I’ll be posting as they come plus some of the runners up from the competition.

Now I’m going to go back to Chapter 1 of Book 3 :smiley:


First glimpses :blush:




@ThomB So how many characters will there be in this which are created by fans?

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Oohhh so excited! I can’t wait :smiley:

This will not be the last book in the series, right?


@Cari-san There will be 5 characters in this story whose name/appearance/personality was chosen by the winners of the competition, however you will never encounter more than 1 of them in a single play through, and even the winners don’t know what the stories of those characters will be. :smiling_imp:

@lynossa Yes, the plan is for the series to be more episodic. I have no plan for how many books it will be but at the moment I have ideas for 3 more. It’s nice to feel like I’m still at the beginning of the story :blush:


You monster.


Good strategy :slight_smile:

giving you a solid foundation to expand the universe/story


Oooh the chance of seeing my beloved Dandy again :heart_eyes: Looking forward to it :grin:


Are you going to release a demo?

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Not the author here obviously, but since both Evertree Inn and Sordwin had a demo my guess would be that there will be a demo for this one too.

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You’re probably going to have to wait a while though :sleepy:Probably



Yes I am indeed going to release a demo but I’m afraid that @DontJudge is right. It will be a while. The way this book is structured means I’m going to have to write a lot more content before the first chapters are fully playable (with all of their many variations) but I hope it will be worth the wait. I’ve put a little line counter in the description so you can all see as I write more :slight_smile: I’ll post some more updates soon.

T x


Please tell me we’ll get to continue Orion romance, I absolutely love the character ;-;


I’m pretty sure we will as some of the playthoroughs ended with him as your Character’s LI. that and the tattoo of his did play a part in Sordwin. and we know someone else is pulling the strings But We all need to learn more about them all :smile:


I just finished Sordwin with my MC Misty, while simultaneously starting Evertree with my MC Kata, so I’m absolutely psyched for Lux.

I find it interesting that the three games, all named after their setting, appear to form a pattern of growth: Evertree Inn is an isolated rural location with no neighbors, Sordwin is a small town, and Lux is a major city. I’m hoping that means that fourth and fifth installments, if we’re so lucky as to see them, will take us even further afield and give us the opportunity to see for ourselves some f the intriguing locations namedropped in the lore.

It’s also interesting that, not only are the individual mysteries contained in a very short time period, but they allow for only short intervals between games. That’s a lot to go through, in the space of less than a week!


Lux will be set 1 month after the events of Sordwin and take place over several days :smiley:


What I would like for Lux now that we have a house have small scenes that aren’t so fast paced and we just can talk with our RO maybe choose some flavour text about decorating it.

My characters are all for advance social an get Money So that small little stuff And maybe bought pretty clothing could be important to shown Now I am not a poor rat anymore. Also I think in last part there were many instances where game was saying to much that i have a father and i have to care of him.

Taking account my characters had a very stranded relationship with their only family left maybe a choice to say I don’t care my past or something beyond that lines.


To quote my characters inner thoughts: “Yes, quite frankly, I do.”