Lux: City of Secrets - Book 3 of The Evertree Saga by Thom Baylay

Would it be possible to train Leah? Even if she can’t use magic, if we have high stats in fighting it would be a nice addition.


Update - I’ve finished editing the demo! I just need to put it all together and create the test characters so if you haven’t submitted your contest entry yet, now’s the time (details in the main post up top ^^^)

Demo is now confirmed for December release :relaxed:


@ThomB What are the main differences lore-wise between druids and shamans in the world of evertree?

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Just a quick reminder to everyone that you have until the end of the week to enter the competition :smiley: Variety is the spice of life so if you have a PC who you think has had a very unique journey, please submit them!
I’ll be putting the finishing touches to the demo over the weekend, including the preset test characters, so hopefully the demo will be out next week :crossed_fingers:

@Kevrj - I don’t want to say anything now that I have to retcon later but questions like that will hopefully be addressed and explored in the next book :slight_smile: For now, I would say that druids use their magic to protect and honour nature, while shamans use nature to gain magic and protect their family/tribe.


Hope I’m not too late to the party.

For me it’s D > L > Gunther
D has wit for days on end and has by far the most realistic/understandable reactions (“We’ve only known each other 3 days!”) among the ROs. Adding in their layers of depth and double meanings makes almost every interaction feel organic. I feel that this alone adds a ton of replayability to the story. And personally I prefer back and forth banter in my relationships over linear conversations anyday.

L is close second if I’m in the mood for a nice “highschool sweetheart and me against the world” kind of playthrough. The sweet moments are plenty innocent and pure. She’s just too much of a perfectly perfect sweet and shy girl of perfection :innocent:

Gunther is an amazing buddy cop romance. You could make an entire series off him and the MC as budding detectives, tackling cases of the week. I’d watch it.

O and Ruby are hard passes for me. Mostly because O is quite the stoic, and personally I lose increase in stoic types pretty easily even in real life. Ruby is simply too plain/bland.

Winter is tossup. She/he is basically 10 pounds of unpredictable in a 5 pound bag. The type that’ll make you dash out the door the morning after, tell yourself you’re never doing someone that crazy again, only to pick up the phone the same night when she/he hits you up for drinks.


No room for Kyran/Kyra? I’m already making another MC just to romance this one in Lux. :grin: …Based on the Kyran/Kyra song-choice hint, a religious figure (palidan or otherwise priestly-type perhaps)?


Song doesn’t tell you whether you’re gonna like the character romance with them, kinda have to wait till we meet them.


Well, I may be a superfan. Their simple existence as an LI blooms some kind of liking for me. Just a matter of how much from there :grin:


Hey everyone! Check out the title post on this thread. Not only can you now see the gorgeous full title art by @selpuku, but you can also find the link to the demo chapter of the game!

This is proving to be my most ambitious project yet and is definitely going to take a long time to finish but I hope this taste of what’s to come will be fun for everyone!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and particular congratulations to the four winners whose character designs are available to try in the demo.

All the best and have a great week! T x


Congratulations!! So excited for the demo! <3

And the art is just chef’s kiss gorgeous! :pensive::ok_hand:


Oh, Dandy! :heart_eyes_cat:
Seems the cutie is busy getting into some trouble of his own, can’t wait to see how that turns out. :grin:
That will, of course, be one of the subplots I prioritize, want to be there for my boy, since you indicated this time the mc won’t have the time (and resources) to neatly (re)solve every (sub)plot. :persevere:

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Just yesterday I was talking about this game and you put the demo out today screams

Time to play!!!

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Demo time is finally here :heart_eyes:

I noticed this at the end of the meeting with Gunther:

The sentence is left incomplete on the investigator career path. “sensei” is created as blank “” and never set to “none” on a career path with no sensei, so the
*if sensei = "none"
check isn’t met and the text isn’t displayed.


AHHHHH!!! I AM A LANDLADY/BAKER/ELF!!! She is adorable…I LOVE HER!!! THANK YOU!!! :heart:


The disembodied voice in the bar seems like quite an interesting character, I wonder if they know a certain thieving halfing…

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@Sylveranty Super helpful, thank you! If anyone is looking to give me constructive feedback on glitches and continuity errors, screenshots or direct quotes are suuuper useful. Thanks!

@Jender I’m so glad you like her! She was so fun to write haha. I hope you enjoy how her story progresses as the game continues :smiley:


Yay it’s here! Gonna hunt down my landlady xD


Having a lot of fun with the demo. Just wondering will we get to create a character like in the Sordwin demo or will we just use the templates until the full game release?


i think it’s gonna be templates for a while at least*

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