Lux: City of Lies - Book 4 of The Evertree Saga by Thom Baylay

I’m loving this saga, can’t look forward for when the game release, i hope it’s soon


I really want Orion’s route to end okay but I fully expect tragedy. I’ve been entirely head over heels for him, I’ve got eyes for no others. Like I was entertaining the idea of maybe another playthrough but no, every since we did the frick frack on the SACRIFICAL ALTER COVERED IN BLOOD AND SURROUNDED BY DEAD BODIES!??? - if that didn’t teach me something about myself, phew- There has been absolutely no other.

I’m so ready for this angst, like, I need it in my life.


I want to experience more girls thru the shapeshifter. Maybe even settle down in a triangle.


Does anyone else hope we’ll get to propose to/marry Leah/Lamuel in this book or an upcoming one? I think they would say yes, but Daisy/Dandy would probably sprint in the opposite direction.


Hasn’t it been like, at most a month or so since Evertree Inn?


We might have either silver, gold, holy water, arcanium, and/or masterworked weapons on the third game but would these weapons get the option to be upgraded someday

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Not in the next book. Can’t speak for future adventures that I haven’t written :wink:


(Cracks knuckles*) time to get to work

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Maybe canonically, but the time between games being published is more or less the average time couples are together before seriously considering taking the next big step! Plus our MC can tell Orion in the 3rd game that we think Leah/Lamuel is someone we can see ourselves getting married to. Certainly one of my favorite scenes of all 3 games


So a few people have asked me this and I finally have an answer!
These are the songs I’ve been listening to for the ROs while working on Part 2 of Lux (Lamuel/Leah, Dandy/Daisy, Gunther, Orion/Oriana, Ruby, Winter, Kyran/Kyra).

Can you guess who’s who?
Come Find Me by Ulrik Munther
Back to You by Selena Gomez
Somebody to Tell Me by Tyler Glenn
Bury a Friend by Billie Eilish
It’ll be Okay by Shawn Mendes
Hey Now by London Grammer
Standing Still by U-kiss

Note: The choices are for so many reasons so please don’t read too much into every lyric. Or do. Have fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll bite! Hmm, this is tough because we know so little about what’s going on in some of these folks’ heads:

Come Find Me - Dandy/Daisy
Back to You - Kyran/Kyra
Somebody to Tell Me - Lamuel/Leah
Bury a Friend - Gunther
It’ll be Okay - Winter
Hey Now - Ruby
Standing Still - Orion/Oriana (though it more applies to an MC trying to romance O :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


I couldn’t make a confident guess for everybody, but I’d be shocked if Bury A Friend wasn’t my favourite changeling.

Killer by The Ready Set always makes me think of Winter, too.

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Hmmm not… super confident on some of these guesses but:

Come Find Me - I can see this for L a little bit too but I’ll go with D
Back to You - Ori
Somebody to Tell Me - K
Bury a Friend - Winter
It’ll Be Okay - L
Hey Now - Gunther
Standing Still - Ruby


I’ll give it a go, too

Come find me:Could be D or L, since in both cases there’s the sense that their parents watch them more than they probably want. But there’s a greater sense with D than L that they have a lot of secrets from the MC and that they are still hiding lot of their real self from the MC and it’s not such a stretch to imagine that they deep down want to be “found” by the MC. So I’ll go for D
Back to you:K, Winter or D, but I’ll go for K. Reason: Both for the fact that they are probably going to reunite with any MC who has them as a RO in the upcoming book and the fact that some of the lines in that song really fits with what at least “officially” was K’s “line of work” in the first Lux book
Somebody to tell me: Gunther or L, but I’ll go for Gunther Reason: I think it’s something to do with his family tragedy and him being out of touch with love
Bury a friend: Could be Gunther, Winter or O. But since there are other songs that I think fit better for Gunther and O and the dark vibes of that song seem to fit Winter particularly well, I’ll go for Winter
It’ll be okay:Could be D or L, but I’ll go for L, because there is something about the sweetness and selflessness of those lyrics that give me L vibes.
Hey now:O There’s something about the lines that seem to indicate lot of passion but just implying those strong emotions without really going into details or fully verbalising them that really seem to fit with O’s “strong, silent” and mysterious personality and how they try really hard to avoid emotion

Standing still: O or Ruby. I’ll go with Ruby here, since she, even more than O seems to be standing still when it comes to the prospects of a romance or at least she has done that so far and there does seem to be a huge case with her of being stuck in her past and not being ready to move on when it comes to romance

Will you give us the correct answers to this soon @ThomB ?

By the way, I have a theory about who are behind the crimes your MC is hired to investigate:It seems that what’s been happening is in some way connected to an increasing conflict between the Blackstone Thieves Guild and The Circle, in which it appears that Lord Imperion is playing an important part. I’m thinking that the culprit is a person or organization that really want The Circle and the Blackstone Thieves Guild to declare war on one another and thus weaken one another. Making things harder for the Circle will cause them to behave more aggressively towards the Blackstone Thieves Guild and increase the chance of war between those two thief guilds. I remember that in Evertree Inn, D mentioned a third thief guild in Tyr, that was “magically secretive”. If they’re able to weaken their competition, they could also increase their own power more easily. And given that they’re magically secretive, it’s not so hard to imagine that they could take out two powerful figures without any one figuring out that they were the ones responsible, except hopefully, our hero, eventually I’m interested in hearing what others think of my theory.


I love all the thinking for these and honestly, I wouldn’t say my answers are correct haha, but these are the ones I think of for each song at this moment in time:

Come Find Me - L
Back to You - R
Somebody to Tell Me - D
Bury a Friend - W
It’ll Be Okay - G
Hey Now - K
Standing Still - O

As I said though, sometimes it’s the lyrics, sometimes the tune, or sometimes it’s just the song that randomly came on while I was writing and inspired me :stuck_out_tongue: So if you think they work differently, that’s awesome!


LOL, if you don’t know whether they’re correct, what chance do the rest of us have? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :wink:

Anyone else have music they think fits one or more of the characters? I’d propose some, but I’ll have to think about it first.

Edit: I have decided that the best group to represent my deep and complicated feelings about these characters is… the Monkees. Groovy. :hibiscus:

Daydream Believer” - L
I’m a Believer” - D
Words” - K
Through the Looking Glass” - O
You Just May Be the One” - Gunther


Aww proper crush on Gunther now imminent! sigh

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Yes! I’ve been waiting for this question, lol. I can’t not associate songs with characters.

Bad Dreams - MC
I Found - O
Another Love - Gunther
Used to the Darkness - K
Natural - Ruby
Wonderwall (Cover) - L
We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow - D
Desire - Winter


Do you have patreon or Tumblr by any chance?

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