Lux: City of Lies - Book 4 of The Evertree Saga by Thom Baylay

Perhaps this question is premature, but by best estimates how long do we think it might be before City of Lies is released?

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@Urban All of them, but probably not in a single playthrough :wink:

@JeromeK Thanks for pointing this out. This was actually brought to my attention a while back and will be fixed in the next update (which I will be submitting this month)

@Igneous Im afraid this is an impossible question. Writing a book of this size is a huge project and is full of setbacks from day jobs, family responsibilities, writer’s block and burnout. I’d love to say when I’ll be done, but I genuinely don’t know and setting myself a target usually does more harm than good :confused: I will post updates whenever I have them, but in the meantime, thank you for your support and patience! :blush:

@Gintoki_Chan Haha! I’m honoured that Lux prompted you to type :grin:


No worries at all! I figured this was a longshot anyways. We’re all excited about it regardless!


I finished the first part of the third book and saw that there is no option to save the game, is it not released yet or is my app out of date? I wouldn’t like to lose my save, because I’ve been following his story since the beginning, if the option hasn’t been released yet, when it is, will I be able to save this game that I’ve already closed? I appreciate anyone who can guide me and I apologize if the text is not very clear, I am Brazilian.

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One day I shall read this 4th book and finally have a conclusion to this story in the meantime I think it’s time for another dozen playthroughs of trying all the routes in the 3rd book and then going crazy cause I can’t get the outcome I want cause I need more time. One more day lol

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Saves aren’t implemented in the latest book until the next book enters the release queue, I believe.


I feel like that’s the theme of this series.

Evertree: Gotta save at least one more person before the inn kills me! Just need a little more time!
Sordwin: Gotta snoop around at least one more place before night falls! Just need a little more time!
Lux 1: Gotta get at least one of the thirty nine things on my to-do list done! Just need a little more time!
Lux 2 demo: Noooo. Just. A little. More. Time.


Omg so excited to see this finally go into development!


Don’t know if I want to focus on my career, get to know Dandy more, or solve the murders.

And don’t get me started on my dreams!

I love it


Just a small thing about the demo and totally okay if it’s a no, but I was just wondering if we’ll be able to save in the demo at some point?

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Definitely this one. Super cute half-elf boy always wins. :heart_eyes:


If you focus 100% is it worth it when you don’t try to pay rent, ect? Like if you solely investigate or ignore certain companions for one.


I think you should try to pay it, unless you like living without a roof :grin:


Are character portraits going to be added at some point of the game or is it up to our imagination?


How does the %+/-x work? Some actions suggest giving some points but sometimes it doesn’t add or subtract at all. I notice this when your points are already high. Can anyone explain how, for example, “%+1”, work?

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Hey Thom, taking the opportunity to write you here! Hadn’t logged on in a while. First, I absolutely love the unique art you have for both the game banner and the small tags in peoples’ libraries. Don’t change up that artist!

Anyways, I tried the new demo a couple of times. It’s hard for me to suss out what’s working/not because I’m so tuned into my character’s circumstances, but one suggestion came to mind. Time is obviously an enemy in the game but it feels like there should be certain events/actions that don’t dramatically lurch time forward. I’m not sure what those would be, but I wanted to point you to something very helpful that @JimD did in ZE:SH Book 3 - starting around midway through that chapter, players had around 4-5 actions they could take before the plot advanced. However, Jim also had a series of actions that noted they wouldn’t move the clock forward so players could safely engage in them and then more thoughtfully consider the actions that did count toward the clock. With the tension and timeline really ratcheted up in CoL, it might be helpful to figure out and designate a few actions like that for the player so they can breathe a bit, stay on top of the game’s many threads, and be more deliberate in their choices.

Beyond that, the first slice of Book 4 just left me hungry for more. Great stuff as always.


Do you plan on adding many hidden or difficult events/things with huge requirements like really high trust points to all allies or 100 gold, etc.?


You just broke our hearts by having us send our landlady out into the night on her own ^^ love the games, can’t wait to solve this murder :slight_smile: thanks for all the great stories!


I don’t know how I missed the demo for Book 4 omg !
Soooo excited :heart_eyes: