Luminary: The Voice of The City (WIP) UPDATED 10/29

Luminary follows the story of Lumin, the MC, and their journey into a life of magic, growth, and responsibility.

You’re new to the city of Solera, new to being around so much magic on a regular basis. Your family is magic touched, but you’ve never really been around practitioners of it before now.

Rumors in your hometown whisper that Solera itself is magic, one of the few sentient cities in the world, and judging from the feeling that rushed over you when you crossed the city limits, you’re starting to suspect they were true.

You don’t know how living here will affect your life, but you’ll soon find out.

Luminary is an urban fantasy story about finding yourself, and changing as you do.

  • Get to know the 6 Romanceable Characters, four of which are nonbinary!
  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary, and choose your pronouns separate from you gender!
  • Customize your appearance, personality, and True Name!
  • Learn more about the Fae, the magical people that inhabit the majority of Solera!

A demo for Luminary can be found here and was last updated 9/17/20
A development blog for Luminary can be found at


This was cool

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I can’t remember exactly where, but I know I just read another WIP that uses the exact phrase “You wince as you run your hand through your greasy hair.” Maybe change this?

Besides that, I really enjoyed this, the level of customization is cool, and even though it is still very short, it draws you in. So, yeah, good job!


That sentence was literally from another WIP this author posted yesterday I think.


Haha yep, Era 404. My bad, carry on!


Characters are very cute and amiable :blush: There’s a problem with the stats though. I chose not to wear headscarf, but the stats say that I’m wearing one. Good luck with your game :+1:


Haha, yeah, Era 404 is my more recent project. Some of it’s base stuff came from Luminary. I’m hoping to individualize both character creation systems more in future updates!

Thank you for letting me know about the headscarf! I’ll set about fixing it asap :slight_smile:


that was fun! can’t wait for updates :slight_smile:


After some concern about there not being a female RO to balance out the one male and four nonbinary, I’ve added a new RO, Aoibheann.

She’s a mysterious woman who takes an interest in Lumin. She’s easy going and charming, but seems to be carrying a burden. She’s a changeling, an artificial fae designed to blend in with humans effortlessly, though retaining the inherent Name magic of the Fae.


Hi I noticed that when if you pick no head covering the stats still say that you do wear one.

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Thank you! There was an issue with the stat screen code, but it should be fixed now :slight_smile:

Love urban fantasies and the world building is really interesting and like the characters you’ve written about so far. Look forward to seeing more of this will bookmark and keep checking in.

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10/12 Update!

  • Meet Non-RO characters, Seongmin and Yijun!
  • Learn about the local higher powers and some more magic

Mostly this is a post-surgery update to let you know this is still alive and kicking :slight_smile:


10/29 Mini-update!

  • Added a scene introducing the final RO, Aoibheann

I’m in loveeeee

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