LUCIDITY: Awakening (WIP- 1/8/21) - not everyone makes it to the afterlife

I think you may have counted incorrectly. A female MC only has 3 gay options (#1, #2, #5). And while I get your point, I actually do enjoy seeing games with explicitly same-gender romances. Straight romances don’t exactly have an underrepresentation issue, after all ;). Of course, it’s all up to the author in the end!


You’re right I did miscount the gender flips kept messing with my math since I did it all in my head at the time and I also agree but this isn’t about the straight vs gay choices it’s about the fact the male gender choice has fewer relationship choices compared to female and NB characters. It’s as if the Pokémon company made a new Pokémon game and in one game they had 150 monsters to choose from but the other version only had 100 with nothing to compensate for the lack of content and while not as extreme as that it’s still an unbalanced amount of content which I view as a problem albeit a minor one in this case if game freak and the Pokémon did this it would be pitch fork and torch worthy


Sorry, I should have clarified that the limitation for male characters was likely an effect of the fact that there are two options who are only same-gender romances. If this was not the case, then male and female MCs would have exactly the same number of choices, no matter their orientation. And even right now, the only advantage of female MCs is that they have one more straight option, which (in my opinion) isn’t an egregious difference.

Even if all RO genders were made flippable to increase the available options à la Wayhaven, in order to have all ROs accessible to every MC, they would necessarily have to be bi/pan or playersexual. Basically, there’s no way to do it without altering the orientations of the currently-gay characters.

In any case, if it comes down to one or the other, I think the author’s vision for their characters should override the desire for an equal playing field for male and female MCs. But if they decide they do want to make make modifications that would increase the options in such a way, they are certainly free to do so!


I love this so much!!! whole idea, every single character, the choices `∇´ everything is amazing i was really into it since the very beginning i wanted to know what’s going on and was excited. salem so fucking cool btw also the did i say the “i do not think ever choice was great


Just finished, Impressive beginning. It’s really good, and the pace got me all anxious and I wanna know what gonna happen! And you write so well too! I could almost smell the dirt.AH! :sweat_smile:

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First, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m always open to feedback about the ROs. I do want to direct you to a few threads though, as I’m not sure this is the appropriate place to be discussing RO gender balance, as it’s a fairly common debate on this forum (and basically in all games where there are ROs):

  1. Gender-locking ROs and the importance of gender in relationships
  2. RO Design Theory
  3. Letting NB characters romance same-sex locked ROs

The third link is a post that I made when I was laying the framework for my game, and I wanted to bring it up to very quickly nip this in the bud:

I’ll put my response to this under a cut since it’s getting rather long and isn’t really ultimately relevant.

Non-binary romances

The way I decided to handle this was to add a presentation variable to player gender. The gender select screen in the game currently looks like this:

From a variable perspective, you set your ‘base’ gender as male, female, non-binary, or genderfluid. If your gender is male or female, you can also choose to be transgender, which sets the trans variable to true; if your gender is non-binary, you get a third variable, a presentation variable, which can be one of three things: masc, fem, or androgynous.

TLDR, someone who selects ‘a woman- or at least, that’s what people see’ would be able to romance Rhunea, but not m!Finch. A person who selects the last option (androgynous in the game code) isn’t able to romance either Finch or Rhunea.

As for everything else:

I debated putting this under features and ended up not including it, but I’ll go back and edit it to include this now:

  • All characters, even gender-variable ones, have established sexualities and were written with them in mind. Finch is always same-gender/same-gender-leaning attracted, and Nakoa is always bisexual.

This was my goal going into the writing of this WIP. While there’s some merit to the ‘playersexual’ approach, I personally feel like I don’t see a lot of games that have exclusively gay/lesbian RO options, or games that have characters who are written as explicitly bisexual and not just coded to be available to all genders. Rhunea being a lesbian is a key part of her character- not for any weird plot reason, but because it has shaped her personality and her views. Leo being bisexual is a key part of his character because it’s a part of who he is. If I chose to make Rhunea available to men, or Leo exclusively gay or straight, they wouldn’t be themselves anymore- they would be two new characters. Maybe if I chose to write all new characters, I might be more interested in balancing the ROs, but for now, these are the characters and stories I want to examine.

As for adding more romance options, it’s something I might consider as I continue to write. Adding Salem wouldn’t help balance the numbers, but there are other characters that will be introduced that could have interesting dynamics with the MC. I’ll very likely keep your concerns in mind as I consider who I might want to add. :slight_smile:


forget numbers, that’s just evil to depriving us of a butthurt character like that :smile: The legend goes when you meet someone who scrowl at you for greeting, look at you like they wanna kill ya, and may just bury you back in the hole you crawled from? yeah, Potientel romance right there and then :joy:

ahem…I have problems I know :sweat_smile:

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Completely understandable. I can’t even remember why I didn’t plan for her to be one of the ROs… probably because she would end up being a slow burn close to the scale of Ava/Adam… not sure if I want to write seven books yet, you know? :smile:



I be happy to burn for her sake lol I’m like bring all the mojo! Lol

But yeah, I get you. But if you ever change your mind about her, then know there are takers lol

But the roaster seem fine from where I’m, then again as a Lesbian…I would know what it is like to be ‘Deprived’. But I’m enjoying the story though, so I’m looking more forward to the big mystery then anything else :wink:

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I actually had the thought that they were written with their sexuality in mind and meant to put it in my post but straight up forgot to and as for Salem she was my pick for best choice for a new Ro from the word go. She even seemed at least to me to be written with a romance rout in mind. All in all she gets a :+1::+1: from me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I lost it when MC tripped in front of the ROs, TWICE. Dang I can feel the humiliation :joy:


yeah and don’t forget the romance yelling OUTLOUD! ‘Oh man, you fell on YOUR ASS! HANG ON! I’m COMING TO HELP YOU!’’…

glare and look around yeah, cause that help a lot :smile:


GHOST! GHOST! GHOST MC! I really like how I could pick my pets and how my MC can trip over their feet and I can feel the second-hand embarrassment.




Firstly, I’d like to say that as a non-binary lesbian, I really appreciate having a lesbian RO who’s romanceable by non-binary MC :heart:

Secondly, I really like the premise of this game! I’m a big fan of games where we’re trying to figure out MC themselves and the way you’re writing it is really good. I can really feel the anxiety of not remembering yourself and the secondhand embarrassment from falling down in front of the ROs :joy:

Definitely looking forward to future updates!


I disagree, our experiences with our gender affects how we act and see ourselves, and how society views us. It’s not a matter of simple pronoun change.

But anyway, I really enjoyed this demo, but did you have to hit me with this reality?


This is weird and it’s making me giddy with excitement.


Arbor is so cute, I love them already :pleading_face:


Sounds interesting hope it focuses on story as well as romance not just romance


Though the romances are a big focus, the MC’s character arc (ie, the story) is going to be central.


It looks interesting, unfortunately the RO’s wont work for me, tho i kinda understand why make it like this.

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