Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

Any subject is important and wow u do have a schedule. :smiley:



Playing as female mc. Should be daughter.


Missing letter? So?

Variable showing?

This is from Moody, dashingdon link seems to be broken in OP.

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Sorry! I hadn’t updated Moody in a while since it was a bit glitchy on my end and then forgot about it entirely :sweat_smile: Posted the link! :heart: I hope you enjoy the newer content and (Hopefully) more refined writing ^-^


Sorry for not being in this thread >.< Been busy with Femboy Dating Simulator. Speaking of,
I’ve already reached about 60K words, and as I promised to focus on “LIYE” once I hit the 60,000-word mark, that moment is now here. So I do have to ask. Should I keep working on the book after 60K words, or should I start working on Lost in your eyes, or should I keep working on Femboy Dating Simulator?

  • Keep working on FDS even after you’ve reached 60K words
  • Keep to the goal. (Work on Lost in your eyes.)
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So polls on both threads doesn’t look like it’s working. There’s a small bias between which thread a reader is more likely to visit even though both are yours, so a neutral ground thread is probably the way to gather the best sample of voting that doesn’t look like an unhelpful “thread camping” vote like we seem to currently have with the percent values. Everyone needs to vote on one poll to unify the numbers, and get an actual bit of actionable feedback.

On the complete other side of the coin, just for my own part, I’m of the opinion that you should just work on the one you want to. It’s one thing to try and answer the expectations of poll results, quite another to have it feel like a chore that doesn’t feel good to have to deal with. As long as it never gets to that point with either of them, then you’re doing good.


Good idea, since there are more people here then in LIYE, I kinda think I may just work on Lost in your eyes. But the poll will stay open until I release the Patreon version. So yeah, I’ll close the poll in FDS and ask people to vote here insead.

Well, the problem is that I’m excited to just work on both of them, which will put a strain on my physical health and also studies (Mostly cause it’s just an unhealthy amount of drive that makes me go ‘I need to do this’ which makes me loose sleep at night. I’m literally writing this at 4 am while I’m sick while I’m working on proof reading lol Thanks for the support btw <3) which is why I need the poll to calm my hyper brain and focus on one thing.


I see. The request for focus isn’t a bad thing, but definitely get some rest soon! :grin:


Found this bug. Alex is male in may playthrough but this scene refers to him as female.
Also I don’t know if others are having the same problem with me or not, but I feel like most dialogue options with Marcus are harsh. If it is not harsh then it is romantic in nature. I think adding platonic options that doesn’t come of as rude would be really great


Thanks for the bug find! You won’t see that in the next update ^-^

Yeah, I’ll fix that in the next update as well, I was already half way through fixing that already I think. I’ll still work on it!

Hahaha, I’ve been sleeping like 4 hours every day for the past week, so I’ll be getting lots of sleep this week, have a break till next friday and then settle into a schedule since I’m gonna get back to work and uni has opened as well :sweat_smile: Thanks for caring! It means the world to me :heart::heart::heart:

With the FDS’s update already out, I’ll start working on Lost in your eyes on the 26th! Hope you guys don’t mind taking a small break >.<


Who’s are all the ROs currently and what species are they?


Atm there are four RO’s, but the real romance hasn’t started it (There are glimpses with Blaine and Hayes but ya know.)

First one is your child hood friend; Alex/Alice. Their species is unknown but they do wield magic so a part of the Magi.

Second is Marcus/Melissa; A cute, shy girl/boy who’s a vampire. Has attachment issues.

Third is Vale/Vivian Valentine; A lil bit on the crazy side and also insanely strong and has a knack of violent tendencies. They’re human but there are hints that they could be something else entirely (Still human don’t worry)

And the fourth and newest edition (One you’ll find on Patreon) Is a total control freak and also a super strong healer; John/Elizabeth. John is a control freak but keeps his tendencies to himself and has a fatherly side. Elizabeth is a control freak but doesn’t care what people think of her.

Vigil is also an RO, but any romantic routes towards him are closed off (For obvious reason, one being that, even though MC is a child, they still need to grow up more.)

There will be another but I can’t really disclose information about them cause of plot reasons
That pretty much sums them up.


I know I asked a question regarding whether there are poly routes, so here’s another question regarding that. If you wanted to do a poly route, can you romance as many as you want or can you only poly romance with specific ROs? And is poly implemented in-game in some form or not yet? And if not yet, do you have an ETA on when we might see some poly options?

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There are hints of Poly, and yeah, you can basically romance all of the characters. As for the ETA, Ehhhh I’ve never been good with ETA since my tendencies go bat doo doo (cause shit is a bad word) crazy but hopefully hopefully there will be poly options in the next date. I’ll probably release the update on either mid September or late September.


Tnx for the answers.

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Just noticed that none of the ROs that you mentioned are werewolves even though it said at the top of this forum that one of the ROs is a “charismatic werewolf”. Is the werewolf the last one you plan on adding or did I miss something? This also led me to another thought thinking that I wish being able to pick to play as a werewolf at the start was an option. Definitely would’ve made the fight against those werewolves in the beginning more interesting since a lot of people want to see a fight between predatory animals, especially ones like werewolves. And I like werewolves more than vampires anyway. Also, I thought the knife in the armory scene was fixed by now but I guess not. Even the body doesn’t show even though it shows my Hex being spent on buying it. Another thing, what does the empty heart icon in the dialogues mean?

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empty heart and filled heart are basically the same,

I’ll look into it, sorry >.<

Oh right, I forgot I added that. Alex/Alice is a werewolf.

I’ve thought of making the OC a Werewolf but after a lot of thinking and a lot of advice from a lot of people, vampire was chosen :sweat:


Do you think you might reconsider adding it in the future? Whether as a possible DLC or before that? Still feels like it would work, of course you’ll have to change a bunch of stuffs which will mean more workload. Though going by your answer it sounds like a done deal already so I’m asking just in case.

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it depends on how many people want it tbh, and how many people enjoy the game.

Well I would hope for that to happen but that’s a losing battle since even now, most people like vampires more than werewolves. Probably for the obvious reason that they don’t transform into a “hideous monster” or “slobbering beast” that some people like to say. If they want to see a hideous monster they should look at the Xenomorphs or Jason Voorhees’s face. Even Freddy Krueger didn’t like his face and his own face is hideous!

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Jokes on them, I got Alice/Alex’s art a while ago and they’re :sparkles: b e a u t i f u l :sparkles: Also werewolves can be what ever the author wants to be, in my case, think of nekos but more deadly