Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

Werewolves be like:


It would’ve been better for me if the MC was a Hybrid like Vigil. Then I would’ve been fine somewhat since I would have the werewolf forms and stuff, though if the MC was that then they probably wouldn’t have a permanent wolf form like the werewolves in the orphanages I guess. That would be a bummer. If I’m remembering right since the game mentioned things like the werewolves “wagging tails” and some furs even during the soccer game. Though the ones you fight at the beginning did revert back to their human form after everything was over.

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Why you gotta do me like that :skull:

Well, never say never. After the book reaches the middle, who knows what could happen? wink wink This is me trying not to spoiler anything. This is also me not promising anything.



Okay, so after a lengthy break, I’ve caught up with a lot of my studies, and while there are still a few left that I need to take, I can at least work on the book! that isn’t to say that I haven’t been writing at all. Speaking of writing, let’s get to the update!

Yes, I know I was on a break, But! I got a little writing here and there! Mainly, the book is now 195K words long from the previous 193K word long!

I’ll put a poll here in a few where you guys can decide whether or not I should continue the update or rewrite chapter two (Since I was done finishing writing chapter 1 in the last update.)

I expanded the book a little, and I feel like Vale/Vivian aren’t as in-depth as I wanted them to be. They’re silly, yes, they’re goofy, sure, but they don’t have that insanity that I wanted them to have. In the upcoming sneak peek, which will probably be about 3K long on Patreon, it’ll delve into their personality, and how chaotic they really are.

That’s pretty much it! Love you all! Drink some water! <3


Update! Sorry if I didn’t update earlier, today was a taaaddd bit hectic but this week was productive!

So, I may have forgotten to put up a poll so I’ll do that prolly in a few hours.

The game surpassed 200K!! And it’s still not even a quarter finished. From what I’m seeing, the book may either be devided into two parts, or be 1 mill long. Though this is still not set in stone with how I chaotically I write. (I don’t wanna say "well, it may be 1 mil long and then create a 1.5mil long book cause UGHHH I HATE MYSELF)

A lotta spicy stuff be happening. So, I’ll be hosting a giveaway thingy again for the Patreon AND the sneak peak version. The way to enter is as follows: Just tell me you’re interested :sob: Jk, you can just write and comment on this forum annddd yeah! You’ll be added! The sneak peak will be released on 15th so yesh.

That’s pretty much it! The book is now at 201,000K words! That’s 6K words written! I know it isn’t a lot, but this semester’s subjects are being a B

Anyways, that’s all you guys! Remember to drink, to smile, and to love yourselves <3


From what I remembered from playing this demo. This feels like the type of game you would expect to have 1 mil words or more in it instead of separating it by Books.


Chapter 1 part 4 seems to be skipped is that intentional?

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking myself.

Oh no, that was cause I pulled a stoopid and became stoopid and forgot to put it there. It’s fixed now! Thanks for the find! ^-^

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Sorry to bother you, but I’m stuck here,neither option works:
chapter_1_part_4 line 383: Non-existent variable ‘hhname’

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You didn’t bother! Thanks for the find, and fixed <3 Sorry you had to encounter an error like that :sweat_smile:

Monday! Which means time for an update!

So, about 7K words were written this week, puts the book at 208K words. Pretty cool, slow and steady wins the race and all that.

Scenes featuring John/Elizabeth was added. Among some other wholesome things.

The sneak peak was finished, now I just need to finish it. As I said before, if you want to read da patreon version of the book, and the sneak peak, just comment and like this place, aanndd yeah. 2 people will be chosen on 17th.

My assignments are slowly burying me so I may not get any progress this week, but dw about that, I’ll still try to finish my goal this week.

See you guys next week <3 Remember that you all matter ^-^


Can Alice be also the future ro?


Unfortunately she’s dead :frowning: Or is she? :thinking: You might find out next update :smiling_imp: (Yes, I used a lot of cringe emojis :smiley: )


Why you torture us( ´;゚;∀;゚;)

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Monday update!

So, this week was uhhh… not very productive. I kinda had assignments piled up on me all of the sudden from University :sweat_smile: I still tried my best though sooo

The winners of the Patreon version and sneak have been chosen! Congrats @DontknowTM (It seems you may not be tortured heh) and @Erkanga!

The two paths have been connected! This was an experiment that I did where I wrote two scenes, and then joined them with each other, like two tracks. It certainly helped with the writer’s block thing, I still had to force myself to write a little, but it was engaging once the cogs started to turn, it started to flow like water. Still, not something that I’d do again XD

2.5K words have been written! (Not a lot, but Ughhhh I tried my best >-< )

Annddd yeah, that’s it! I might not be able to write much this weak cause Ugghhhhh 5 quizes :sob: but yeah! I’ll still try to write at least more then 4-5K words! Have fun you all! Great weekend <3


Alright! Update!

This week was pretty okay in terms of a lot of things. The public release will happen somewhere around 1 and 5, with 40K words!! It’ll put the public release somewhere near 210K. The Patreon version will be about 230-240K which will be released on the 15th.

About 5K words were written, which, again isn’t a lot but yeh, University’s being mean :sob:

John/Elizabeth were given more indepth, the pendant was brought up a few times. We may or may not be getting a lil history lesson from John/Elizabeth!

A prologue has been added! A small history and a little poetry added, still working on Poetry since it helps with my writing

That’s pretty much it! Hope you all have an amazing week! I’ll start working on FDS on the 15th-20th!


So, the public version of the game is now up! (Also is it me? Or is dashingdon giving me 404 error?)

The game is now 210K words!!!

I have heard your complaints about being either too flirty with Blaine, or being too harsh and no in between, unfortunately I didn’t have the time to work on those so erm… sorry :frowning:

Next update will be solely on reworking chapter two, then the other update after that will be working on expanding the book, and the update after that will be working on chapter 3 and so on, so forth.

Elizabeth/John have been introduced!! They have been really well enjoyed by a lot of people, soooo yeah! I hope you guys enjoy as well! <3 (Their portraits can now be seen in the “Current RO section”)

Fun surprise for Blaine lovers :smiling_imp:

Vale’s chaotic nature is showed a little on the game etc!

Annddd yeah, that’s pretty much it. I have exams starting on like, 12th which will go on to the 25th so I may not be able to write much a lot, sorry >.< As always, remember that you’re loved, and that you’re amazing!

If you enjoy my works support me maybe? :flushed:


Good luck on the exams. If i may inquire what are you studying?

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I look forward to this one, kinda. I like how its grown more with the intro and stuff.

Might wanna go back through it again, cause peoples genders keep flip flopping, a lot .

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And accounting a recall, @Drakeye Kathy pls don’t think Im a stalker…:sob:

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