Lost Heir 2 Issue on Amazon UK

We’ve had an issue reported where Lost Heir 2 isn’t showing up in search on the UK Amazon Appstore, and is showing as “Currently Unavailable” on the store page (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01A89MAWS). We’re not immediately seeing anything that would cause this problem on our end, and the US version seems fine. Can any Kindle users in the UK try to reproduce this? Thanks!


I haven’t been able to download it on my kindle, I’m in the UK. I also can’t send it to my kindle from the amazon website if that helps.

Are you seeing a “Currently Unavailable” message on the store page, or any other kind of message? Or is the download just not working?

On the app store it says currently unavailable, the website displays my tablets with crosses next to them saying they’re incompatible with the app.

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