Lost "Adult" Child in the "Character Customization Code" Isle

I’m having trouble with coding. I am someone who loves to write, but the last time I coded anything was chatting in the late 90s by typing text format codes into java chat site.

I have spent 3 hours trying to create a character creation page. I am open to any suggestions, or if someone wants to do a collaboration for a game so I can get back to actually writing a story again.


I am lost and need help adult supervision on this.

The error I’m getting is: 0character line 16: Non-existent variable ‘n1’

My code looks like this:

Would you like to customize your character?

		What is your character's name?
			#Ryan (M)
				*set n1 to Ryan
			#Kyro (M)
				*set n1 to Kyro
			#Eva (F)
				*set n1 to Eva
			#Lyse (F)
				*set n1 to Lyse
			#July (NB)
				*set n1 to July
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*create n1 “” (in the startup file).

Then use the code

*set n1 “Eva” (or whatever name it is).


This might be of help if you’re unfamiliar with Choicescript.

While this is more a style recommendation that you don’t necessarily need to adhere to, common practice at the moment is to allow players to set their name and gender separately. :slight_smile:


Thank you guys so much. I have gotten past the information. :slight_smile:

I was able to complete getting the name recognized. I guess my issue is I didn’t know the proper code and I didn’t want to put “*finish” because I wanted a series of questions under one file. It is going to be so much easier just putting a series of 5-7 questions as individual files.

Thank you for all your help.

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Are you talking about putting individual choices in separate scene files? You don’t need to do that. You can just put all the choices in one scene file. :slight_smile:

I often suggest that code rookies try this thread where a bunch of this forum’s finest coached me up from being the titular ultimate noob into a proud and published moderate noob.


thank you, I thought *finish, finished the scene, not the question.

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