"Lords of Infinity"—Take your place at the head of a noble house in a kingdom on the verge of ruin

I binged all three instalments of Infinity as a Caius simp only to learn he’s non-romanceable. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. :')


Does anyone know how many posts i need to make in general threads before the bbcode will allow me to discuss games in their own thread?

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“For Tierra and Victory, Aaaaaaaadvance!”


“The King’s Dragoons!” “The King’s…what? The Queen’s Dragoons! Or possibly Wulfram’s Dragoons…not as catchy though”


If I had to guess, I’d imagine that the Wulframites might adopt something like “Tierra and Liberty!*”

*hypocrisy included with purchase.


Will there be an achievement in Wars if the Dragoon Officer recites Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty, or give me death!” speech? Or John Stark’s “Live free or die!”

I enjoyed the game a lot, even though it was very tough on my high-minded, honorable MC. Reputation concerns were always on my mind in Aetoria and compromising the character’s ideals seemed more tempting this time around than in the earlier games. It also didn’t help that, despite my character’s charisma being pretty robust, he lacks the intellect that was often required to get the best results.

In fact, the thing that bothered me the most was that the social stats once again seem to be far more important than soldiering. That makes sense given the environment of the majority of the game, of course, and there are parts that make a high soldiering character feel pretty badass. However, and this may be an odd criticism, many of those options could be met with a character with even what I would consider middling skill in soldiering (at least from a mechanical rather than in-universe standpoint), and I didn’t see many times when there was much difference between a character with 50 soldiering and one with 75. Granted, most of my time was on that 75 soldiering characrer, so maybe I overlooked it.

The only other thing that repeatedly came to my attention was that the character’s willingness to still consider himself a soldier seemed strongly tied to him being more ruthless than merciful.y main Dragoon still considers himself a part of the army and was always missing his time as such, at least on some level, despite having high mercy. I think I would have preferred the character’s inner monologue regarding his willingness or unwillingness to see himself as a soldier be tied to one of the choices that you are given early on rather than a stat.


@Cataphrak You are the legendary author and like a god of Infinity Sea, especially Tierra, Antar, and Tarkata

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the series really has come so far since sabres in 2013… lords really sets a new bar for the games to come. i’ve bought several copies already.

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I think that the way @Cataphrak handled the mindset of a Dragoon officer who keeps thinking of themselves as a soldier quite well, since it could be argued that even if the Dragoon Officer is merciful and does not often take ruthless actions, he still suffers from PTSD:

If the MC continues to think of themselves as a soldier, even during peacetime, it is not unreasonable to say that also expresses elements of PTSD:

In the end, LoI presents an interesting scenario for players who might not have thought of what it would be like to return home from war; Merciful characters have the advantage over Ruthless characters in that aspect of combatting what PTSD they have because they are better able to compartmentalize their experiences in war.


My comment was more directed at the fact that there are a few times where you’re able to choose how the character looks back on his time in the war and whether or not he wants to put his life of a soldier behind him, yet there are also points when his internal thoughts seemed to suggest otherwise. My very merciful character chose not to abandon the lessons that war had taught him, yet I still remember a few points where his musings made it sound like he wanted to put it all behind him. I don’t have any specific examples right now, unfortunately.

I do think that the point of view of a veteran of a decade long war returning home and trying to acclimate to peace was very well done. There are pieces of internal dialogue for both ruthless and merciful characters which references the fact that, in some way, war was preferable. The specifics as to why and the character’s reaction to that line of thinking varied, but the core sentiment was the same.

I just remember thinking at a couple of points that it was jarring when my character occasionally insisted to himself that his days as a soldier were over after having previously stated otherwise.

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I just want to throw in that I get what you’re saying somewhat but actually counter that this actually is more realistic in my mind. This makes the character more human that storybook hero. After all he’s aged 15 years in a setting not unlike our world a couple hundred years ago. So he goes from his prime to middle aged, he may want to stick to a soldier mindset but he is a bit too old, bit too scarred and even a bit tired and can’t quite keep up with his younger self and so he’s isn’t cut out to be a soldier in the same way, he certainly cannot do things like lead a forlorn hope. He will never not be a soldier in some aspects because his life has been more soldiering than anything else but he also is not capable of being just a soldier anymore

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Congrats on the release and stealing some of my soul, I love your world. I love the lore, the scenario/story, magic, cultures, it is better than anything I have written or even read in terms of realism. I didn’t even care that I needed to play with a guide to help get the ending I wanted, because everything is just so great.
Look forward to the next book.
One day I hope books like this become the new thing for Netflix to adapt or a video game world. This world would put even games like The Witcher to shame imo.

Anyways, thanks for the escape and the amazing story.


since we live in a low fanrasy setting is their away for us to gain our health back im kinda worried that my character’s health is still low we might not lived long enough to see the fruits of our labor. probably some sort of magic from takara or kian or even in antar.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that:

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Sigma Game


Does anybody know what the highest position the MC can rise to is? I know the MC can’t become king. But maybe we advance more politically once the civil war is over.

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End game lords MC can become an Earl.

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