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Is there a estate to royalist guide I can only get one battalion

What do you mean by this?

endgame_evac_timer < 12
    a final reckoning of the result of the day's fighting.
    It isn't what it might have been; under normal circumstances, the capture of a battalion of Crittenden's Marines and a considerable number of Wulframite militia would no doubt have been a matter for some congratulation. Yet as substantial as such a bag might seem at first glance, you know that they were but a small proportion of Wulfram's forces. The rebellious Duke has gotten most of his force away, despite your best efforts.


As far as the final chapters go there is almost no difference for Aetoria or Estate path, only difference is that disrupting Admiralty is impossible as you need to be a member, besides that it’s the same, be it Saboteur or Not.

Two possible problem for those from the estate are: picking a choice that requires royalist influence while having little of it, as it will begin low and stay low if not raised from chapter 7 to 10 or having too high Wulframite Power (that starts high in chapter 7 and can easily increase) which makes checks in the final battle too hard.

@Metalhead75 You need to look at the Royalist or Saboteur Battle guide, or at the code, and see what is the problem with the choices you are picking.


Of the marines I can’t capture more then one and I keep doing everything to try to get my evacuation time down

Yes that I can’t get more than one

I will be honest friends, I think that selling off the investments in chapter 9 is the way to go. tierras economy was already in the shitter, it going to war with one of the most industrious duchies isnt going to do it any good. and as studwick said in that one post at the feedback thread, money you have on hand is 10x more valuable than having some potentially large amounts of money waiting for you in the future.

given that youre going to be burning shipowner goodwill by pulling all your investments and then turning the shipping exchange into a warzone, you should capitalize on all the influence you have by getting a loan from them on chapter 9. if your influence is high enough, thats an extra 5000/6000 crowns, along with the investments you just got back. and if you have a 130 total in intellect and charisma you can get another 5000 from cards.

depending on investment luck you can end the game with anywehre between 15k to 17.5k crown and Ive got a feeling that money will be VERY important in the next game. so this gives you a good starting balance to do what you wish.

How to get walken destroy one of crittenden’s ship?

I’ve been messing around trying with this for a couple days but haven’t had much success, is it possible to make a Salt Coaster with high stats comparable to MCs from other regions without making them 30?

That is Admiralty disrupt, to do that you

  1. Need to be in the Admiralty Club
  2. Visit it in Chapter 10, you either need to be a Saboteur or you need to have Charisma+Influence atleast 100.

nope. compared to the rest of the regions they dont get shit except some health boost. if you want a salt coaster with good stats you need to be an older MC.


What do you guys think the best faction for ambitious man, for me the Royalist as a Baron from Salt Coast Crittenden, the Earldom of Castermine as a reward, and a chance to marry and own the Earldom of Leoniscourt is the best, you will pretty much control the Salt Coast with 2 Earldom as your own and influence within Crittenden from your Barony

You would have to be a royalist then

Royalist no doubt, not only you can burn Banks you can even get 2 earldom, Castermeine and Leoniscourt/Welles depending who you romance.

Instead of burning the banks, you can also capture the entire enemy army and badly cripple his resistance before it can even properly start

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Wulframite Battle Guide is now W.I.P


Yeah that’s my ideal playthrough as well but unfortunately it is so hard without the aetoria bonus on charisma and intelligence. Stat checks always go brrr

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Are there any advantages in playing the disgraced mc path?

You can Mentor Garret + Good to train your Mental Damage Resistance (I mean being shitted on by everyone just like Cazarosta is quite Terrifying)

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These aren’t really mutually exclusive.

to some extent, they are. Convincing some ship captains to switch sides requires sabotaging the club in chapter 10, and you can’t do that alongside finding out where your debt is being held. The chaos caused by this betrayal. is the only way to capture almost all of Wulfram’s troops. Additionally, the time it takes to burn the bank also increases Wulfrom power

I know this is late, but you can do this for any game (not just Lords). If you see a game you want a guide for, go to that game’s steam page (just search the game on Steam). Then scroll down until you see “discussions” on one of the menus on your right-hand side. Click on that. It will take you to the forum for that game. At the top of the forum you will see several options: All, Discussions, etc. Towards the right of that list you’ll see the link to Guides. Thought you might find it helpful in the future! (ETA: There’s probably an easier method, but this is how I do it.)

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Sirs, can we vote for hunter’s sainthood without being a wulframite?