Lords of Infinity Guides

Played Lords of Infinity and screwed up a few times hope we see some guide’s soon


There is one on Steam by @Tiago, already. Even if you do not have the game on Steam, it should help you.


I’m hoping kind of a walkthrough like for instance if you were a national hero or something else.


I’ve never been on steam before.
Could you please tell me how I would access the guide on steam?

Thank you so very much I appreciate it


Here is the link:

Google will bring up steam links for forums and guides, for future reference.


My decisions in Aetoria often seem to be bad ones.



I googled “Lords of Infinity Walkthrough” and there is a wiki for the infinity series/infinverse

Not sure how helpful it might be but it might be worth checking out

There is also a discussion thread for the series so that might also be a good place to ask as as well

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It has the links for all chapters, it should be of enough help until walkthroughs are made.
Works for steam and browser users, haven’t tested in other platforms.

Put all my guides in a single post

Walkthroughs to what i think is the best Endgame save, the Aetorian Shipowner MC:

Thanks to a post about Saltcoast MCs and speaking antari, decided do do walkthroughs for non-Aetorian MCs, focusing in the Saltcoast and in the Reform club.

Did one for Sabres,one for Guns, one for what i think is the second and third best Endgame saves (2nd: Saltcoast Estate to Aetoria Royalist and 3rd: Saltcoast Aetoria Reform Club Royalist ) :


People have done it so I’m sure it’s doable, but I’m not finding any path yet where I have 16k in debt and ever have enough money to do anything in terms of building, investing, or paying anything down. The banks do nothing but jack up the rate so the entire situation becomes untenable.

If you have a lot of debt, you best only use loan if they are the special one, otherwise 1000 or 2000 in normal loan will be the limit until things get ugly. Securing a source of money is also very important, although that is basically only possible in Aetoria.

I don’t think there’s going to be a catch-all National Hero walkthrough of the sort we saw in Sabres and Guns, just to sheer amount of possible paths, things to concentrate on, and even achievements. Best we’re probably going to do is a multitude of guides that each concentrate on a specific accomplishment, such as Tiago’s aforementioned guide (great work, btw).


My admittedly limited experience with the 1.0 release seems like there’s no real way to generate such a thing. Investment returns are pitifully minimal and subject to RNG, and that’s if you have the wherewithal to invest anything at all. Even gaming the Kian Treaty vote going for max shares and keeping the opportunity to myself netted only 4000, a pittance given the debts. And of course the bank’s jacking up the interest rates isn’t just a nudge but an outright shove of financial feasibility right over the precipice.

This is exacerbated by having no control over what gets built at the estate. All the people you leave in charge concentrate on the house instead of prosperity and contentment opportunities in the village. And I’m dubious that remaining at the estate creates much in the way of wealth opportunity, either. Just more direct control.

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Investment actually is were you put the money you will not need it in Lords, and leave there until Wars.
In Aetoria you make money by selling your vote, shorting with the shipowners club in the treaty chapter , win at high stakes tassenwerd and by getting special loans. Plus you should have a few k from Guns.
Keeping your expenditure low by picking townhouse that isn’t the best also helps, besides that a high rent + a school and Loch looking after the barony does wonders, give him just 1k, 0,5k, 0,5k and 0,5k and it ends well.


Just to let you know, a lot of the code text links in your Codediving guide appear to be broken after Chapter 2.

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Posting the Army Reform Commission Guide here for those who don’t have access to Sub-Forum.


I’m going to assume that there isn’t a guide for the civil war’s first battle but when there is one, please do let me know.

Been trying to get Isobel’s blessing to marry Kat and apparently losing it also made me lose about 10 rep which pretty much blew my chances for that ending.

I need a guns of infinity walkthrough so I can get more money since I don’t have enough in lord​:sweat_smile::joy:


Steam purchase? That might be a problem; I use the Hosted Game phone app.

If you log in the choiceofgames account and there is no game in the account it means that unfortunately the Choiceofgames site only considers direct purchases and restored steam purchases, so this way of seeing the code may not work for user in other platforms. :slightly_frowning_face: