Lord's of aswik


Hey, i just bought this and have been playing through it…i have a couple questions

Whats the max age you can reach? I keep dying around sixty.no matter what

Also does the game allways force a marriage and can i marry the queen if i put her in power? Because she flirts a tad and i dont see why i wouldnt be able to logically.

Also does my power allways get stolen from.me? Because someone alwAys comes along and i allways grow slowly unable to do much of anything…rather early on as the game even states.




I die every time im.sent to the crusades…


You mean when the God basically murders you? Get more piety and you won’t be dead on arrival in the crusades.


I die of thirst or some random act. I also camt seem to live past 64 even if i avoid a scheming wife scheming nobles and the court intrigues. I get a random weird illness and someone comes and apparently forces a man kown as the hammer to give up his power.

Its like.your capped at 64 and cant live past that no matter what.


You are capped at a certain age although my character dies rather happily in bed while his best friend watches over him.

To give you an idea of the success you can have. Your town can be one of the most prosperous towns around while your son can end up inheriting a kingdom and you can hold multiple land titles. Even being the advisor of the king/queen of your country while you do so.

So you can actually achieve quite a lot. Not so sure about the scheming wife bit though, mine was always as happy with me as she could possibly be. Or the hammer… But then again I didn’t play the game in ages, I’ll look at it once I get home.


Thanks for playing!

The scheming depends very much on the wife you get, but the very last deaths in the game are around that age, and largely due to schemes that end up being out of your control. There’s no way forward from there. At that point, the MC has lived a very busy life, a new generation is coming in, and… well, medieval medical care was not very good to insure a healthy life past 60. Eventually even the best old warhorse will be retired.

You can live longer on the Crusade route, if I remember the years correctly. But it’s not by very much.
When being sent to the crusades, either have high piety, or have Mertorans with you. The latter can be achieved by marrying into the crusader states and requesting their aid in the War of Succession.


Let’s keep the conversation on one thread, thanks.