Lords of Aswick - Out Now!


Which platform is that?



@RanchoJoe If you were playing while the game was updated that could potentially explain it, as could a stat change between when you received the title and when you checked your stats.

@Urban Android, but they should all be the same as choicescript is cross-platform and the game went a long time without an update until earlier today.



I’ll check if I have a save before the three-way battle and try to upload a video of the stat-check later. Perhaps there’s something in the code that needs a closer look.



They arent always the same.

For example: there is a bug in the Android version of Slammed! that doesnt allow the PC to speak with a certain NPC in one of the endings, making impossible to get a certain achievement while the site version doesnt have this bug.



I deleted my earlier reply since I at first thought you were talking about bug in Lords, not Slammed. Slammed is not in my collection so I can’t take a look at it. By all accounts it’s a great game, but I personally despise Pro Wrestling, so I’m not inclined to pick up a game centered around it.

If the android version is different from the site version of Slammed it’s one of two things, either there is a bug in the javascript foundation of the choicescript version that was used, or the two versions aren’t equally up to date. Odds are it’s the second.



I’m running ver 1.0.4 of LoA



Cool beans, cause I just realized CoG doesn’t allow mp4 uploads…



@RanchoJoe: The update to 1.0.4 hasn’t appeared on Google Play yet.

@Urban: Interesting. War2 is past the end of the on-line demo, so I can’t check the site version myself.



If you send the receipt of the game to CoG, they will unlock the site version for you.



Hmm…Apple is the only one currently at 1.0.4 as far as I can tell. Google Play, Amazon & Chrome are still on 1.0.3. I’m not sure about the site-version. I can’t find a version number on it, but it’s probably 1.0.4. I expect they’ll all get it in a matter of hours since the update didn’t get pushed out until earlier today.



Quick question, what does having high hubris even do?



High Hubris will kill you if you fail some checks.
High Humility will save you sometimes.



Damn, good thing I’m the most humble man alive in that kingdom(supreme irony is supreme).



Well, that’s all they wrote about my MC. Funnily enough, the privy council title still doesn’t fit in the screen after the update reformatted it.

I wonder if we’ll get an update in the future for save imports. For the sequel, I mean.

Question: does anyone know if our wealth increases as the years pass or is it only dependent on the “wealth-giving” choices (big dowries, ransoms, bribes, etc)?

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@RanchoJoe It’s mainly with the wealth-giving choices. Wealth swells, but it’s more often than not it will be updated with a choice, although sometimes it is updated in a scene where a significant number of years are hopped over.

For the rest of you:
I’m not sure if the latest update makes the Lord High Chancellor more common or not as a reward, I will have to tweak the stat limit that I added in.
The next update will likely be a long time coming. I won’t push for a patch unless I have something significant to fix or add. The major steps in the ramp-up for the sequel would be: extensive copyedit; achievements; save implementation.
Those are all in the horizon though.

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Gotcha. Will our character’s personal wealth from LoA transfer in some way to the sequel or will that not factor in?

Thanks for answering! :slight_smile:



It will carry over directly and factor into the wealth and prestige of the family and the new MC.

Aside from the aggregated wealth stat, my intention is to keep track of notable features involved with that. Such as a thriving mining industry, a cathedral, or a harbour for all traffic along the river Humber. So not only will it affect the standing of the family in future stories, but it will also provide other kinds of boons. A mining industry might feed into early industrial revolution, a cathedral might help someone seeking to rise up in the church hierarchy, etc.



Wait, so do you mean the two-stat tie thing for Lord Chancellor is something you didn’t mean to happen and mean to fix in the future? :frowning:



The old system worked as ( X = Y = Z ) (which actually, because I’m a dumb-dumb in some cases had the code for ( X = Y = Y )), which apparently is possible with great enough management of your choices throughout the story. The intention originally was to have the Lord High Chancellor less of a back-up reward, and more of a reward meant for people who want balance things out as a story choice.

After the latest patch, getting Lord High Chancellor will effectively work as ( (X < 70) <= Y <= Z ), but looking at all your stats, I might need to bump that stat requirement up to 75.

Also, just so you are all aware, you will have to restart the story after a patch like this, or it will act wonky.



Has anyone figured out how to become Lord High Chancellor with the territories and King Stephen under this new system?