Looking to hire a beta-reader for my comic script

Hello there, I’m Misterian, also known as Keeperixx, the writer of the recently started webcomic called Arca: World of Faunaria. here’s a link to the primary site where the comic is being hosted: http://arcaworldoffaunaria.thecomicseries.com/

I spent over a year writing much of the script and I’m still going. I had some friends volunteer to look at my work and do beta-reading of it, but almost all of them either fell out of contact or were unable to take time to even give a cursory review of my script. And the farthest anyone has gone was up to the 5th chapter of what was a 10 chapter story arc, and that as back when it was on its first draft!

Which is why I decided go for a different approach, since I have a new budget I’m offering to hire and pay someone via Paypal for a committed beta-reading of my script.

You only need to be someone with experience in writing or prior experience with beta-reading or editing. terms of payment may be discussed via DM.

Rest assured I’m someone who can take criticism, hell, I’m offering to pay someone to criticize my work. I’m a writer who’s recently started work on his own original material and I aim to perfect my craft. I have absolutely no intention of being another Norman Boutin.

That said, know that I make the final judgment call on what gets kept and what gets changed based on beta-reader input.


Can you elaborate on what feedback you’re looking for exactly? How long of a project is this intended to take? Are you wanting to get the entire script ironed out in one fell swoop or are you wanting someone who will be around for the duration of the comic being posted? Are you planning on continuing to post new pages while you and your reader are working on the script or will you halt production in case things in the beginning get adjusted?

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The feedback I’m looking for is not only grammatical errors, but opinions on the story both overall and on any particular details that stick out to the reader.

I currently seek to iron out the first story arc, which are chapters 1 though 10, since the prologue so far is the only thing I consider finalized and the aforementioned chapters are currently in their second draft.

Any chapters beyond that will have to wait until the second story arc is past the first draft.

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Hey man, kinda feel like it was meant to be. I haven’t been writing much, and while I resolved to do something about that a couple days ago, I am not really embroiled in a project yet. Aside from my two stories here, I wrote two webcomics years ago: Nuclear Powered Toaster, which I adapted into my first story of the same name, and a completed 50-strip dark comedy comic called Hellidays. I also used to do a webcomic review blog called Going Critical around 2005. I can get some links to all that off the Wayback Machine if you want. So I’d be glad to take a whack at it if it’s still available.

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hustlertwo? you’re offering? I’m honored! I still love playing Parenting Simulator.

If you’re up for it, we can discuss the details via DM.