Looking for private testers

Working on something new. Basic premise of the game is that you are a circus performer in an old west-esque fantasy world and you meet someone who turns out not to be who you thought they were.

As the title suggests, I’m simply looking for private testers who will read through my work and help me with corrections and discussions when I’m stuck with ideas. Just pm me and I will send a link. Thanks.


OH MY GOD!!??!! AM I DREAMING?! :joy:
thank you grapefruit for coming back here :heart_eyes: you have no idea how much i love your way with words (im a big fans of your game “Magikiras”… you are such a great/awesome author) im really sad and depressed when i found out you stop working on your next game in the Magikiras universe… i blamed myself coz im too late to join the forum to talk to you… i try to reach you from PM and your blog… but im afraid it was too late :sob:, thanksfully you are back when i already give up :joy:

okay, enough of my “mourning”… now you are here, and i cant wait to see what kind of games you comes up next. and eventhough im really busy with irl activities… i really want to help you realized your game now… so i volunter my self to be one of your private tester :grin: though i warn you, my grammar kinda suck (if you didn’t notice yet) so i can only help with typo/bug hunting and maybe whining about the story… (especially when its related to romance option and drama :blush:)

and before i forget, i want to say “WELCOME BACK!!” and nice to meet you :grin:


I would like to help beta test!

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Just as a side note, this is not a beta test. This is just a general test. I have only currently finished six chapters out of a planned ten but I just want to get some testing and discussion done with my current work. I also will not be spending too much time on the forums so do not expect me to reply quickly.


Fascinating concept. I’m interested.

Count me in - i would like to help in any way i can and i am a fan of your coding in magikiras and your ability to write as in that game you can choose your enemies and though the same events occur but the difference in text showed me your determination and your ability to provide a game that nobody would like to miss and for that i am grateful to you.

And i would love to test for you.


I’d like to help out mate

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I would love to help out :smile: .

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Great to see you back, I wish you luck with the project, can’t wait to see your superb work again.

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Wow! Intrigued! Old West style Fantasy?! A circus preformed who meets a person who is more than they seem? That sounds wonderful! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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