Looking for artist (Photoshop, interior)

Hi all. I’m working at yet another iteration of my puzzles. Without spoiling much, I have an interior environment (imagine a large room) you are interacting with. I have a model created with a few lines, but I would like to give it some texture to make it look a little more realistic.

I’m looking for an artist to help me render this idea. I have two images to color and fill up. Is anybody interested? Their name will be forever etched in the credits of the game. Please contact me here or privately. Thanks so much!

If you are really curious you will have to wait, I’m not going to ruin the surprise here!

Game mechanics

It’ll be a really fun little demo. But again, it’s a surprise.

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Hi, how much realistic you need it to be?

Hi @Loudbeat. This is an example of what I have in mind. It doesn’t have to be this precise (with shading etc). Just the colors and the wood texture would be a start. My environment is also one-point perspective, very symmetrical - and I have actually fewer details.

I guess I can give it a try, I’m not an expert though, so yeah, that…

If you still need some help, I’ve done some similair stuff before. If Loudbeat is already helping you though, then no problem and best of luck!

I’ve already started but I’m at work right now. But regardless of that, if you still want to help we both can do the work and @choicehacker can decide which one to use, or use both if possible and he wants to.

Thanks @PlumBeast and @Loudbeat. The game is easily themed by swapping a handful of assets. It could be nice to have multiple themes. I’ll contact you with a direct message @PlumBeast