Quick image job for $5

Okay, almost at the finish line on something with The Parenting Simulator, and I need one more item:

A 1280x720 logo containing the title of your game. This should be on a transparent background. It should contain no or minimal design elements.

If someone can get me that with the TPS name on it, I will PayPal you $5. If multiple people do it, I will go with the best-looking one or possibly set up a poll and see which one is most liked. Thanks!


Any font or color preferences?

Simple is good; the normal font for TPS works pretty well, though by no means does it have to match exactly. Just something a bit unobtrusive and very readable.



I could try something tomorrow morning

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Well I am no artist, but did you think about something like that?



I was feeling weird and goofy, so I decided to do this stuff.


oof. fixed the spacing a bit.

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I got three people who submitted; two in this thread and one via PM. Ultimately I went with Kaelyn’s first effort, just to keep things closer to being uniform with the other images, but I honestly liked all of them. And I like this forum in general, how helpful everyone always is to each other. I’d appreciate it if all three of you would send me your Paypal info. Thanks!


Just being a sticky beak, but what do you need this for if you don’t mind me asking :thinking:


I submitted TPS in July, and after that the specs for what a game needs for a Steam release we’re updated. So when TPS got approved for one I had to get some updated/new art assets.