Looking for an old WIP about a rebellion


So I’ve been looking for this WIP for an hour now, and no luck. I read it years ago, like late 2014 to early 2015, and it was AMAZING. It’s about a rebellion against a brutal hegemony that uses some kind of blood magic to keep the lower class down.

That’s about all I remember. If anyone remembers its name, or what happened to it, I’d love to know. Thanks.


Choice of Rebels is being released later this year. I think…


Correct. It was up for Beta Testing about a month or so ago, so we probably will see it sometime this year.


Awww yes, thanks for the quick reply’s guys. Looking forward to seeing it later on the year.


Do you guys think this should be a topic, like a forum where people can describe long lost wips that they want to find and then the community could help them


Yeah, that’d be pretty awesome, tbh.


There is already a thread for that…

Have fun… lots of good stories there.