Looking for a writing partner 😊

Hi my name is DarkDamion and I’m trying to write a new sci-fi/fantasy game the story is about a meteor that hits earth and leaves a alien life form on earth when humans discover it it is experimented on till finally the corporations decided to send humans in to experiment with the creature that’s where the MC comes in you play as a human young adult that was kidnapped and sent to the laboratory with 3 other young adults you each were given a different insect / arachnid to feed to the alien when the alien suddenly attacks and wraps you and the others in silk like cocoons next time you awake your on a operating table as people are examining you and the transformation of your body it turns out you have become a mix of the insect/arachnid you were carrying and human but when you want scream a new voice in your head stops you and says welcome child to my hive you are the first born from me the queen you feel calm learning of your new existence serving the queen but then you feel like something wrong like you’ve lost a part of yourself will you give up and fallow your new queen or try to regain your humanity

that is just a summary of my idea I would love a partner who could help me add on to it
there is a plan for 4 ro’s the other 3 hive members and a human that is trying to get you to betray your hive queen


I’ll be your partner.


If you want details ask. I’ll be happy to give.

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ok, do you have any ideas to add or do you like the sound of the story so far?

do you mind if I pm you

Not sure if I can be a partner but I can offer some friendly advice when you need it since I’m here a lot. Based on what I read about when you wake up make sure to put a reaction choice after the “queen” stops talking so the player has control of how the character really reacts if you don’t you are taking a personality trait away. I.E. how dose your character react to an unusual situation, are they subservient or strong willed, and most importantly how do they want to handle the situation moving forward.


ok and nice idea ill keep that one in mind :relaxed:

I cannot be your partner either, but I can certainly offer you some advice, which is to either use punctuation or do as famous businessman Timothy Dexter did and put all your punctuation at the end for the editor to peper and solt as they please.


I would be willing to help you if I can in any way, I’m great at coding in choice script and good at thinking of plots and other events, but my writing is pretty sub par, as you can probably tell from this text.

I can only offer some advice. I really loved the idea though. :heart_eyes:
My suggestions are:

-Design multiple ending from the beginning. For example, in the end either human part win or queen does. Or misleading the queen until the end.

-Include interesting elements such as conquering the world, controlling other human beings & powers you gain.

-Try to include some important characters as well such as POTUS or United Nations. There is lot of margin to go big in this setting.

I hope this helps. Goodluck


I’ve found a partner! :blush: I’m so happy


Interesting story. Would be cool of there is a conflict of following the queens commands owhere you can try to ignore them. Maybe a willpower stat? Wish you the best of luck.

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More than a writing partner you need an editor, here you are more likely to get fans.

Now to get an editor without paying I suggest you to look on Reddit, there was a sub specialized in revising story plans and written scenes.

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That reminds me of a proposal from a genre of literary entertainment called Scientific Fantasy: it shows a story that with elements of fantasy with a scientific basis, for example, there are dragons but instead of magic they use telekinetic powers to manipulate matter as well as being a product of science. evolution and not the gods.

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As this thread is pretty old, I assume the OP has figured out the writing partner situation; if the OP wishes the thread to be reopened, they can let me know.