Looking for a horror enthusiast for proofreading and casual conversation

Life right now is chaotic to say the least. I’m about to graduate in Foreign Languages, I myself don’t speak English as my first language, and between college, dissertation, internship, work and everything else that requires daily attention, I’m losing strength and motivation in my horror project.

I know I can always count on the forum, but I have no friends around me who are potentially interested in what I do (horror apparently is not very fashionable at the moment).

That’s why I’m looking for someone who likes horror, who likes to read, and who in general is someone who can push me to move forward with the project. Let’s say that I wouldn’t mind if it turned into a new friendship, and obviously (s)he would have the advantage of reading everything in preview, and maybe influencing the development of the work itself.

I’m sorry if the post came out a little confusing, or maybe it’s not even the right place to ask that, but I’m pretty tired tonight and I’m not thinking totally straight. If that’s the case, please delete the post or feel free to ignore it.


I’d be happy to help if you’d like to message me. I love horror!


Thank you! I’m going to send you a message.


I’m a horror freak, I would gladly help if ya need…


Good ol forum lurker here. Wouldn’t mind helping you out :beers:

I’d be happy to help :grin:

Did u say HORROR?

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I love horror, reading, and writing!
I’m fairly good at writing as well (from what my readers have told me anyway haha)

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I’m also very interested in horror as a subject, can’t say I’m any good at writing though, but I’m always looking forward to make new friends

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Hi everyone, this has had a little more response than I thought, and @Red_Eyes suggested me to create a discord server where we can talk all together as well, so… If you want you can find it here. Otherwise you can send me a private message anytime - I always like to talk to everyone!