Limitless (WiP) (On hiatus!)

formerly known as “blooming”
so, hey guys, i’m making a game!

instead of playing an actual, physical character, try playing the voice inside the mind of the protagonist, influence everyone’s decisions, fall in love (because the protagonist will) or break everyone’s trust (because the protagonist might), and get the ending you deserve in a sci-fi, psychologically-themed story!
Big Note: yes i found a way to make sure most of your decisions matter even if your character is quite limited

so the demo below contains chapter one (keep in mind that the chapters are going to be long due to the different dialouges + effects i have to write), which includes setting up your character and talking with the protagonist!
i’ll be updating the demo at least once every two weeks, i suppose.

here’s some basic information on the story!

summary and plot

you play as the narrator to the story of your protagonist in this sci-fi, psychologically themed story!
you can choose to improve, hurt, and control–you can do almost anything, really–your protagonist’s life, all based on what you choose to say to them. build up trust, hatred, friendship, and maybe even some kind of love with your protagonist and with everyone else they know–the differences will matter greatly.
and if you’re creative or cruel–it depends on your perspective–enough to do so, you can learn to do more than just simple puppeteering and suggesting ideas…
but note that your protagonist is not just some other guy on the street.
(once chapter one is halfway done, i’ll edit the summary so it’s more specific!)

tags and warnings
  • general: sci-fi, some romance, lots of LGBT+ rep, no romance if you don’t want 'em
  • the not-for-everyone stuff: drinking wine, sexual humour (no actual doing it though), mind games that may lead to manipulation (if you choose that), mild depression, panic attacks, murdering and stealing from people, and the protagonist (not you, remember, you’re the narrator!) swears a lot
your character

basically you can choose a lot of options to determine who you are (looks don’t matter in this game, how nice), but, thanks to the way i write, you’re going to sound a tad salty (and maybe sarcastic?) at times, no matter what you choose (s0rry).

update log

2019-01-17: added an update log and a short description of the plot
2019-01-23: chapter one is longer now
2019-01-28: based on the feedback, chapter one is not weird anymore
2019-02-13: eddie has phone, the update; questioning moved to a later, more appropriate part
2019-03-9: eddie takes the call; first impacting choice (still fake_choice as scenes aren’t written yet)
2019-03-15: you can now remind eddie he’s late + you can now view c1_base2

NOTE: this is the link to an old version of the game–the new version will be uploaded sometime this year :>
here’s the demo link (the name in the demo link is still the former name): limitless

and here’s a quick poll! (asjfkajasdfnae)

  • The way you write is fine.
  • You need to work on your grammar!
  • You need to work on how you write descriptions, dialogue, etc.
  • If you worked on it a little more, it would be quite an interesting idea.
  • This story isn’t my cup of tea.

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What just happened…

Is this a fantasy thing cuz I saw a power stat. Is that like magic or strength?

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Interesting idea, must get my Narrator voice in order, ahem… This is the story of a man named Stanley…


It’s an interesting concept and I’m curious to see where it goes. Are we part of the protagonists consciousness or are we our own, entirely separate entity?




Three dots only.

I believe the Em Dash is “alt+0154” on the num pad


it’s more of like a superpower thing

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thank you!

that’s a spoiler but you are a separate entity :slightly_smiling_face:

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Seems interesting so we’ll see in time

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I’m guessing we’re the little voice in the MC’s head.

Me: confess to your crush
MC: confesses and gets rejected
Me: Well, sucks to be you



thats the best description of what I just read…:sweat_smile:

I want moar…

Mistakes, mostly capital letters and punctuation

In and blooming should both be capitalized here.

I should be capitalized.

Should read as before… before this. Always have a space after the ellipses!

Already been mentioned but you should use a dash here and other places instead of a double hyphen (hyphens are used to join two words!)

Needs a question mark in place of the period.

did you ever live a life?” should be in parenthesis.

I did notice you use an abundance of “dashes” and commas, making sentences longer than I personally feel they need to be. I’m pretty guilty of this also since I’m never sure when and where is the best time to use them, but I suppose it’ll just come naturally in time. :sleepy:

Would I be correct in assuming you got inspiration from Bandersnatch somewhat? :cowboy_hat_face:

There’s little to go in in the demo but the premise of the story is promising at least so I’m looking forward to further updates on this!


I may not know what is going on, but I like it! Are we maybe the voice in our MC’s head?

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i actually haven’t even seen bandersnatch aksjdnjdj
thank you for listing errors!
also i like using dashes because to me it makes it seem more like thoughts instead of usual narration but idk if it’s working, and most of the wrong capitalization pointed out is on purpose (but i’ll fix it anyways!)

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i’m really excited for this, it’s such a unique idea!!

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Yes…yes we are

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Your writing are amazing! :heart::heart::heart: and I can feel that this will be the beginning of one of the best story o(〃^▽^〃)o
Cant wait to read it more >_<

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Very fun concept, if a little short on the demo so far. I have a few questions though.

So if we are a separate entity, are they aware of us? Can we talk to ourselves (sort of)? Or are we their subconscious mind? Can we interact with other entities or are we somehow unique or isolated to the MC we control?