Limitless (WiP) (On hiatus!)


/(uwu)/ ok so that’s a lot of spoilers but here’s some answers anyways:

yeah, they’re painfully aware of your existence

the narration is supposed to be you thinking, so yeah, kind of like talking to yourself. i can’t answer the second q because that’s a big spoiler!

you can interact with other people through the protag in multiple ways, but if i say them that’s like revealing a crucial plot point of this story so yeah.


Thanks, for the second question it was more if we could communicate with the protagonist we inhabit, but that was answered by the first answer you gave.

This is sounding more and more interesting. I will definitely follow this game as it develops.


Mwhahahaha! Eat Sugar Puffs! Pour tea on your computer! Bite your nails! Watch Netflix! I AM ALL POWERFUL!


I’m going to screw up MC.


hey guys i added an update log and a very unspecific summary because why not

the next update, which will include you and the protag finally interacting and you setting up some stats, will come out next wednesday! :wink:

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In a way, the dependant and/or submissive (character interpretation varies greatly) narrator doing the narration reminds me of the similar narration (from a science-fiction novel I read before) that’s called Time’s Arrow, where a narrator narrates the protagonist’s life going backwards as a ‘secondary consciousness’ narrator, is this similar to what’s happening here? Or am I, as always, reading too much into this theory?

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This is just my personal opinion, so don’t take it as fact, but I got the sense that the narrative goes a tad bit too fast, mostly at the very beginning, the first few pages. I like it, but I’d wish to see you slow down a bit, and see what happens then. Overall, it’s a very very interesting premise, and so far it’s looking good!


(i need to read that book it has such a cool concept)
okay so i hadn’t really thought of the narrator being dependent until now; i guess i can see why you could interpret them being that way.
to answer your “secondary consciousness” question, i guess it could be that way if the narrator is an actual separate conscious being that the protagonist takes to be another part of their conscious mind waking up but if you mean something like the subconscious of a person then i don’t think this story wilk work that way (ish)
haha i hope that made sense!


thanks for pointing that out! i’m going to try to slow things down just a little in the next update.

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Don’t forget to enjoy writing! In my opinion, that’s the best way to make sure your readers enjoy what you write. :grin:


reading tags and warnings
sees drinking wine is in warnings

Man, dunno if I can read this WIP my dude, if I do I may need to do 18 hail Marie’s and do an hour of flagellation after making sure with my pet dog if I can read this man.

All the other stuff is fine though…
But drinking wine!? Heaven forbid it’s red!

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Piss taking aside however I like the idea of this chief, the idea of purposefully fucking with the MC to make something amusing for me sounds devilishly delightful.


(2019/01/23) the first major update for blooming is here!

  • more chapter one! meet your protagonist! you can be rude or polite, weirdly bitter or just really nice to them. in case you encounter weird behavior (both for you and our protag) and think ‘nobody in the world would react like this’, please tell me! i’ll only fix it if it isn’t a plot point, though
  • fixed all the grammatical errors you guys pointed out (big thanks)
  • kdndbhdh if you can suggest any game titles i will be two things: grateful and extremely grateful

thanks for reading guys hsndbje
EDIT: did i delete the title by accident


I would have liked it if we could customise Eddie’s name and gender as well.


i was considering that, but then that would basically mean you have some sort of a physical character out there already
also i guess not being able to customize who you’re stuck in is part of the challenge of the game?


I still like the idea of customising…


I agree, I don’t know if you intend any RO options with our host (however that would work) but if you did I would want to select their gender at least.

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Also it occurs to me, we are inside someone and their name is Eddie…



I like the idea and what you have so far, but I personally won’t play a game thats basically gender locked as male.

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huh @zenith8 @derekmetaltron @DeeFlavored
ok so basically i’ve thought about it, and if you guys are worried about how you’ll appear, it’s going to be extremely customizable because i’m making it so that eddie is a very flexible guy
plus the reason why i made him male is because i wanted to add gender and sex dysphoria (remember the current last page of the demo) talks because idk i guess i want to validate myself in my own game