Lightweaver: Chosen (WIP) (50k words) (Newest Update 01/04/24)

MC traumatized? Since I haven’t found a good trauma MC game yet I’m going to give this a try…

I’ve tried a lot of games with MCs who have experienced trauma on this site, and the results are almost all disappointing lol, the MC’s narrative is always sad and sad…

People who experience trauma respond to their trauma in various ways, some are angry, disappointed, sad, feel empty, sometimes there will even be those who are determined to improve themselves,

I want to feel that, but all I get from the games on this site is just the MC’s narration which is always sad and sad. They give 5 choices, but whichever option is chosen the narrative is “sad”,
I understand if it’s a flashback, but come on even when the MC makes purpose of life ? Sometimes I want to ask the author if they have the syndrome, lol

It maybe unintentional but the dog in June/Juno encounter is not woofing but meowing…


Two bugs both of these options do not work

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“As you start to consider bolting out of there, the dog begins to meow, demanding your attention once again.”
This is my favorite part of this update :laughing:

“Juno tries to reach for the dog, but it jerks away from his hand with a hiss, giving him an almost offended glare.”

And it seems to me that the dog should not hiss :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you, but I went through the full update and there was no bug here. Did you play the game from the beginning or did you load an old save?


Loaded old save I’ll try it from the beginning


makes sense,


This is also my favorite mistake ever :rofl:

The first time I saw this I freaking laughed, idk why but it’s so funny to me! Nooo it shouldn’t meow like that :sob: now I’m imagining the dog as some sort of skinwalker with a gentlemanly “meow”

In my sleepy stupor—I forgot to set the extra dog variable for multireplace to work last night, it should be fixed now !

I’m not sure if you read it yet, but I am curious as to what you think of the game. I’ve been careful to always give players choices on how they deal with MC’s feelings. Truthfully, I haven’t gotten much constructive feedback on it yet, so I would really love to hear everyone’s thoughts so far. Is it too much? Or too little? Needs improvement? I’m curious.

I don’t want to let the trauma define the MC, but since everything is still very much fresh in their mind—they still keep coming back to what’s familiar. The bitterness. The constant alarm. But as the game goes on, depending on your choices, I want them to grow; for better or worse.

Anyway, thanks for reading the update! Hope to see ya’ll again soon :heart:


I was hoping for a chance to use my cool weaving powers but i just i will have to wait. Also Love Luna.


Well mc doesn’t really know how to use them as the most mc did was make lightbulbs burst if you make certain choices, unlike all their new “peers” who have had years of experience.

As of the update still surprised mc can use technology at all, given their powers, as electricity power heroes often tend to have great difficulty with it when they’re not skilled at very precisely wielding their powers. Of course once they are skilled some seem to gain an almost telepathic understanding and ability to use and manipulate technology and machines but mc would be very, very far from that level likely so far that if they ever reach it they’d be old, grumpy and in the case of mine want nothing to do with whatever passes for modern technology by then. So potentially another cosmic joke played on the mc with the powers, I suppose. :sweat_smile:

And speaking of technology and broader society the new update really hammers home that the mc is basically equivalent to a North Korean refugee, and from the equivalent of a backwards region even withn North Korea itself at that, both regarding the circumstances they came from and with how much adjusting they’ve got to do and that is before counting powers that may make using technology a lot more complicated until they are mastered.
Considering all of that it makes me doubtful if mc can even do well enough to keep the scholarship not even due to lack of intelligence or studiousness but given how large the gaps in their basic knowledge regarding society and likely their education may be and also given that mc seems to be expected to use their new powers to fight…sorry “duel” people who have dedicated their whole lives, young though they may be, to mastering theirs. Which in turn means the mc’s only hope for passing enough of those duels to be allowed to stay is that they very much are a greater power too as it seems you are allowed to win through stupid, raw, power over skill which may be the mc’s only recourse.

And the situation regarding the mc’s past in the “orphanage” got even dodgier. Although I suppose we shouldn’t rule out whatever the lightning god did to them kept the mc in some sort of suspended animation while ten years passed in the world before the lightning god dropped the mc from the sky again, conveniently over one of the top 4 magic schools. :thinking: I mean we are talking about gods here after all.

Right now I’d say keep them coming for my mc as right now the more he discovers about the world the more he still feels he’s somehow been made the butt of some sort of cosmic joke. :angry:

Oh, I found a bug in stats menu, specifically the tablet section where Alec and Leo are set to their female Alice and Luna instead. My mc was totally not looking at those profiles to stalk a certain blond cutie. :sweat_smile:


I just found it hilarious when the Mc confused at the tablet they given. The Mc was probably thinking what the heck is that lol. Still makes u wonder about the environment the Mc grew up in.


I found a mistake. My Mc is shorter than L but it asks my height when I met J. My Mc is the shortest it can be so the question shouldn’t be there.


I was scrolling through Dashingdon to see if anything new catches my eye. I saw your work and let me say: I love it already! I love the concept and your characters :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, and Alec already has my interest.

Edit: My hands are already twitching to draw the MC, Leo, and Alec together :mending_heart: :weary:

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Loved the update so much! I cannot wait to see where this goes!


I see a kitty, I pet.
In other words, I enjoyed the update :slight_smile:

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Love it