Lightweaver: Chosen (WIP) (50k words) (Newest Update 01/04/24)

Yeah, so who pays for the mc? Leo? I mean unless the god who blessed/cursed the mc also delivered a rainbow and a pot of gold to go along with it.

Furthermore, I guess it depends on how valuable weavers are to the state potentially and even the low talents do seem valuable at least valuable enough to not stick them in such hellholes, unless like I said the state itself is not in a good condition right now, hence me speculating about a recent great war or something like that.

Maybe so, but I’d like to think there are still some other rungs on the ladder between the kind of hellhole the mc came from and the super fancy place they’re at now. And it seems to me a modern state would have a vested interest in tracking their super-powered population including better treatment in most cases because of the amount of damage a potential super-powered criminal or terrorist could inflict compared to the customers of the regular school to prison pipeline. And the technology, at least in the capital seems 21st century.
Then again there is a lot about the world we do not know, including if there are circumstances, such as a recent devastating war for example, that would make circumstances worse for most people and cause a disproportionally high amount of orphans combined with high rebuilding costs and a relatively weak tax-base that might impede normal state capacity.

Which is not the mc, who has had their “powers” for less than a day.

Also probably not the mc, not even if they like to read.

If it is indeed a school “scholarship” thing, instead of Leo either paying out of their trust-fund or allowance or puppy-dog eye guilt tripping their parents into paying, the only reason why they would be interested and also the reason my mc most dislikes. Cosmic consolation prize indeed. :unamused:


It sounded to me as if it going to be something the headmaster was doing, not L. L bought the clothes, from how I parsed the conversation but that is an entirely different conversation at an entirely different time with an entirely different character than the one about the MC’s rarity, how long it’s been since a lightning weaver had been seen and who’d be paying for them to attend school.

And I did not say the MC was the best and brightest. What I was saying is that given that they were in an orphanage in the back of beyond it is likely that none of the orphans were. That none of them were all that special. That there really was no reason to notice any of them. MC is special now because MC abruptly became special when the lightning god, just now, decided to make them special. I don’t think the low ranking, common talents are seen as special or of any real interest or they’d likely be in a separate and better funded/run orphanage. So, rare but not really all that extraordinary. Like redheads.


Well that, right now, is not a question the mc was allowed to ask anybody. Not Leo and not the headmaster. Maybe in the next update. Hopefully in the next update.

Yeah, again, unless there are other circumstances at play, like rebuilding from a particularly devastating conflict or the state itself not being in too good of a condition right now.
But what you say may also be possible, it’s not as if the mc keeps up with the news in-universe or knows all that much about the world in general.

Something mine certainly dislikes right now. Particularly since none of the mc’s interactions with Weavers back when they used to be an ordinary person seem to have been at all positive.

I also wonder if Alec and Leo also have those tattoo like patterns over most of their bodies or if the lightning god is the particularly possessive sort who likes to extensively mark their property, since mc also got the white hair thing right down to their eyebrows and most likely their body hair as well.

If it turns out the others don’t have patterns of their own expect my mc to try and wear long trousers and long sleeves whenever possible in addition to trying hair dye if and when we may get the opportunity.


I think the hair is the mark left on purpose, the other markings sounded like the type of scarring that is left behind after someone’s been struck by lightning. It is generally pretty permanent. Can’t recall what it’s actually called right now though.


Lichtenberg scars.

I only know this though because like two days before I read the update to this story they talked about lightning storms on TV and mentioned those.
And when I read about the pattern on MC I immediately thought about it lol


Except those don’t glow in the dark, like mc’s. And the pattern is conspicuously absent from mc’s face, hands and presumably feet. So it seems like another mark from the patron diety in mc’s case.

According to wikipedia it is in fact not pretty permanent in most cases. Though of course none of those cases glow in the dark after the fact, like mc does, and mc has likely been exposed much longer than the usual second or so most real life lightning strike victims are. Mc also lacks any and all other symptoms from the laundry list of nasty side effects on wiki. So I’m still leaning towards it being another mark left on purpose in mc’s case.

I can think of some other reasons, flashbacks for one and to really drive home the transformation and that there is no going back for mc now for another. But maybe hair dye will work or maybe mc’s new hair has some sort of microstatic field that repels hair dye, I hope we’ll get to see later on which is which. In any case I guess mc’s new appearance really makes them stand out, much to the discomfort of my mc, plus there is the double take Leo does after mc showers and changes which leads me to believe mc cleans up rather well, which is possibly yet another way mc stands out too. :worried:


Maybe it will revert to normal eventually when we can control our power. Basically I think it might be a powered up state we are in cos why else would we have a natural hair colour choice.


Hey Daki,

I just found this WIP on dashingdon yesterday and devoured it! You have nothing to be nervous about cause you’ve already managed to hook the reader with compelling threat, characterization, and potential for future character interactions. I will be observing the progress of your work closely! Good Luck <3


Omg this is so good! Especially since this only a small part! With refining and such, this definitely can become one of the better CoG here


Happy new year everyone!

Break is over and I’m now back to writing. I still managed to do 2k~ words during the holidays and finished the rough story outline, so there’s already some progress at least ( ´ ▽ ` )

Anyway, here are some thoughts on the recent points brought up


Tech varies greatly from kingdom to kingdom, but there’s still many traditional aspects left in place. Kind of like the tech in Legend of Korra, just a bit further than that.

:grin: :eyes:

The headmaster is responsible for the scholarship. Even then, it’s just a one year thing, afterwards is up to MC if they’ll maintain it or not. Still, the book only covers 1 school year, depending on the ending you get, the story can end very drastically.

Weavers have marks, yes. They always originate from the back of their necks. The size and design vary on the type of deity. They generally look like little tattoos, but MC’s marks are one of the rare cases.

As for the rest of the stuff, my mouth is zipped for now ^^

Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement. I really appreciate them! See you next update, stay awesome <3


I’m just wondering if we get to talk to June/Juno in the update since it’s the only character we haven’t do anything with yet.


Probally would be my guess at least a breif scene


Yup! I’m actually now working on J and the potential pet’s official meet scene - they appear together - and I’m having a blast writing it :smile:

Also, I realize I haven’t been here for a while, just been so busy IRL so writing has been a bit slow. But the next update for the WIP will come at the end of March, not sure how big it’ll be, but definitely past 20k~ words

I’m a bit more active on Tumblr, just leaving it here in case I look like I disappeared again !


It’s fine about the speed it’s being done. I was just wondering about J after the brief introduction. I feel better now we get a chance to meet them properly now instead of reading the information on them here

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Awesome game so far. Characters are interesting and look forward to learning more about them. And the abilities sound really cool!


From the moment I saw the title Lightweaver, I couldn’t resist taking a look, and I won’t lie, you didn’t disappoint me. I can’t wait to see more.

Look how you made me feel after reading this masterpiece.

I feel fulfilled. :blush:


Time to make tsundere MC with traumatic experience.




I know it took awhile but… tadaah!

New 20k words of content just dropped, bringing the game to 50k! Each playthrough is around 22k~ words with mini paths to explore.

I tried to edit this as much as I could, but with the new amount of branches I’m starting to get cross-eyed after re-reading the game so many times. As always feedback is always welcome! I’m having some trouble in linking scenes together with code. So if there are parts where it seems weirdly formatted or abrupt, please let me know in the forums.

Please use a new save! A lot has changed since the last update so it’s most likely broken. The game passed both the quick and random test, so if you encounter any errors please make sure you didn’t use an old save before reporting game breaking bugs.

What’s New:

  • Continue the tour with A and L!
  • Learn about future events
  • Officially become a Launwyce Academy student
  • MC lore :mending_heart:
  • Meet and interact with your potential pet :cat2: :dog2:
  • Meet and interact with J

What’s Edited:

  • Prologue
  • World lore
  • More physical banter variations for A and L when they have different genders

Hope everyone enjoys the update! :smiley:


Yes finally. I’ve been looking forward to this. The perfect Easter Gift.


Yeah let’s goooo

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