Life of a Mobster



Well, at least you didn’t become a doctor! <3


Yeah, the display sucks xD it’s displays left to right, top to bottom, showing all the top selling apps in role playing.


@Samuel_H_Young, uh does that mean Mobster is ahead of Hero’s Rise now?


“Life of a Mobster is the top selling CoG on Android! Good job, Mike:”


I totally read “HG” instead of “CoG.” My bad. And yeah that’s incredible! Mobster must have some serious staying power.

Congrats to @Lucid as well! He’s my HG idol at this point.


Yeah, definitely. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks for pointing it out. That’s super cool. :slight_smile:


@Lucid you are the coolest, you even reply my boring tons of feedback. You are great!


Just asking but is the technician from the counter fitting scheme a romance be character and if so how?


Your the man !!!,


@Undead: No. You can screw one of the techs, but that’s not a romance.


Thank you. Just out of curiosity how many real romances there are



How can you get all five romances? I’m curious also what are they??


@StarWarsMaster There is the movie star you meet through Freddie (think his name was), a red head you meet when s/he runs into your car. Your best friend. If you save the other mafia member in jail you can meet his/her brother/sister when he/she asks you to pick them up. That’s another romance. And the last is your high school crush.


@pendell2 @Ramidel

Hey guys, awesome guides. I’ve had a request for a guide on my website:

Would you mind if I posted what you wrote?


Be my guest!


Brian P.


Sorry my answer is so late. You have my permission to post the guide.


Thanks to both of you! I sent it semi-privately to a player on request, but I may put them up more formally some day. :smiley:


How do you romance tyler/taylor I never got that one?