Life of a Mobster



How do you have 5 relationships at once? I’ve played through multiple times and never could figure it out


Can’t have them “at once,” you need to have them consecutively.

To romance Taylor/Tyler, ask them out at the prom. They won’t go, but later on there’ll be smooching involved.


“Jack was just as happy as I was about how the movies had gone. He should be: he got a Best Actress Oscar for the first one.”

Entertaining as it is to imagine Al Pacino getting Best Actress for his work in Godfather I, I’m guessing this is a bug? :slight_smile:


When do you get the opportunity to kill Sato family’s boss? And looks like you get no chance to kill Smirnov’s boss if you’re a drug addict?

Also, is the extra stats from taking drugs ever worth it (considering the penalty once you go to rehab or quit cold turkey? If yes, when is the best time to quit?

Concerning taxes, since you need to pay three times, is it possible to only pay taxes once and not pay the rest, and avoid jail?

Lastly, how do I get 80 reputation with my family before I go to jail? The most inside money I’ve ever received is $2,500, and I don’t know how to get the final 5 reputation (75 is the max I can manage).


@Lucid I was looking back through the thread and was wondering if you have posted the/a guide yet here or on your FB page having gained pemittance to do so.


There were some tips posted. Anyone who wishes to make a guide is welcome to do so. :smile:



  1. You can kill the Sato boss when he demands that Tyler/Taylor be killed. Smirnov’s boss requires you to have kids, so you’re right, he can’t be killed till the endgame if you’re drugged most of the way.

  2. I often use drugs on hitman runs. If you’re going to use drugs, then the time to quit is at the very last chance.

  3. First, if you’ve flipped or you’re going to Hollywood, you don’t have to pay taxes at all. Anyway, you only have to pay your taxes the last time…but. If you don’t pay your taxes, you accumulate penalty taxes. I sometimes skip the first tax because I got stuff to do with that money and I’ll be able to pay it back later.

  4. Try getting married to your high-school sweetheart and staying out of the drug racket.


I messaged the writer of this book. I’d really like to see a Mobster 2. Perhaps once where you are already a captain and work your way to don of the family. Then once you control the don you have to deal with rival family’s, corrupt government and rivals.

The writer of this tale. Did an excellent job slowly climbing into the story. From the start your at a school then slowly advanced into progression that you grew into. The stats are interesting and crave re-play ablity. In my Play through I protected Taylor most of the way.

I even took the sheet from that one score and earned mega respect. I decided to flip to become an FBI informant which provided me with advantages for taking out my rival. One of the best moments is when you think your friend. Female FBI agent is dead.

Even though that guy was supposed be Don’s son. I took out my gun and shot him. Only to figure out she wasn’t actually dead. It has some intense moments. I’d love another story.


A sequel to Life of a Mobster would be brilliant… Lucid is currently my favorite Hosted Games author, his works are even better than some of the official Choice of Games.

Life of a Mobster 2 would be pretty cool… though with the wide range of multiple endings in the original it would be tricky to establish a direct continuity. Well in theory its possible… with a lot of work put into it… but its rather unlikely.


I would wipe the slate clean for Mobster 2. We already played through that guy. I’d move to a whole new set of people with the storyline circled around the mafia. We never really got to experience what it would like to be the Don of the Family. We were promoted to campaign.

It would be interesting to have sit downs with people to settle disputes. Hand pick your crew. Maybe even go to war with other rival family’s. While it would be tough to top the first one. I think it could be done. Simply have a new cast and circle the storyline around something else keeping the theme mobster.


Hi guise, how do you go about not killing anyone? and thanks, :smile :slight_smile:


Oh Alex Alex Alex… why can’t I never marry you (seriously you’re screwing with the mc over your wife every chance you meet, is that not enough of a reason to be with the mc, with meee?!!) Sigh, now im left hanging wanting more.


Unrequited love… :smile:


So…how does one meet Steff? I’ve saved Jeff and foregone extracting money from him several times now, and he’s never mentioned her. Whether I’m married or not seems to make no difference.

This is starting to grate at me, because getting all five romances in one game is the last achievement I have left to earn.


I think Steff’s romance was taken out in favor of having the minor romance with Alex added onto. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but after the romance stuff with Alex was added I wasn’t able to meet Steff either.


Steff is still in.

You have to be married to get her, though.


I finally got it.

(Filler for the 20 character requirement.)



That explains why I never saw her then -,-. Thanks!


Okay, just got this game and I love it, oldie but goldie, and I’m wondering how’s the best way to get the Director and the Good Life endings?


Director: Be an FBI agent.

Good Life: Have two families like you, don’t kill anyone, and have a high Intimidation and Persuasion.