Life of a Mercenary / A Mercenary's Life [WIP]



That is awesome news … i still haven’t manage to romance Vera , but aiming to do that in the final product :-):blush:


Neither have I! I’m pretty sure that she’s in the grey area between Anne and Arlo, so I think that you need to make neutral decisions to raise her opinion of you.


She does have a certain charm around her personality! I agree with Alphasquid, it seems like she belongs to the intermediary between Arlo and Anne.


Well butter my biscuits, this was fantastic, I can’t wait to see the rest of it😊


@Grindelwald @DJNIKOLDO
Although Anne is Gorgeous too :-):sweat_smile:


5 More Days Guys…


5days till what?


@TheTominator63 @DontJudge

I think @Jerieth meant the Life Of Mercenary was accepted , but the publishing date was not yet set … most probably should be around February or March next year :slight_smile:


No it’s in like 5 days… The release date is December 18


Hey thanks buddy… i never check the latest release date :-):joy:

This is a pleasant surprise … and can’t wait to romance either Anne or Vera :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I think there will be more romance story separately although we need to confirm it from the final product :slight_smile:


Wow congrats!!! Looking forward to seeing the game out on the stores!!


Awesome!! Putting it on my calendar now! Great early Christmas present :joy:


My exams just finished, and believe me this is the best rebound possible!:heart:


Awesome !!! Please embark a journey in a life of mercenary after your examination :-):grin:


And can’t ask for a better life post examination than to date some mercs! :joy:


Well… i can tell you that the portrait / picture of both Anne and Vera are gorgeous in the game :-):kissing_smiling_eyes:


I think there was also a picture of them in GT2


Yupe… but Life of Mercenary has further more picture of them… and Vera is a new character :slight_smile:


Am I able to screw…erh… have some fun with them and murder people at the same time… for honor and money of course cough


I can’t reveal too much … you have to play it yourself :-):stuck_out_tongue: