Life mage player character??

I remember reading somewhere a while back that there is a tiny chance you can start the game with a life mage family. Is there any truth to this, or am I short a few marbles? :joy:


I didn’t play the game yet, but if your character becomes a prime minister, inspire the working and lower classes to resist against the bourgeoisie

Intresting. What does a life mage do?

I read through the code for the first part, recently, and I don’t recall seeing any mechanics or variables for this.
There’s supposed to be a small chance your second child is a life mage, maybe that’s what got confused somewhere?


Yes their is, their is two ways, first by purchasing a 99 cent add on to. Or I think having a life mage child through playing.

It has been awhile, but please don’t quote me on it.

A Life Mage Child

When you play 'Til Death Do Us Part , you have the option of continuing a saved game or starting a new game. If you start a new game beginning in Episode 3, this option unlocks the ability to make your son Antonio a Life Mage, putting him in line to inherit the throne. (If you are the monarch’s consort, and Prince Antonio is a life mage, then he will be the monarch’s only legitimate heir.)

If you manage to conceive a Life Mage child while playing Episode 2, you can continue that saved game without purchasing this option.

This is from the upgrade choice. Hopefully it will help.

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