Legion of Rome - Official Thread

This is the new thread for my game ‘Legion of Rome’ and the latest update can be found here:


Long live the Republic!


The next big update is out and I recommend you play through the entirety to see all the new stuff, including the brand new chapter IV, that really lays the ground work for the rest of the story as you meet the legate. Hope you guys like it please send me some feedback. Chapter IV is not finished and will need some polishing obviously.

Just got back from work and ready to try it out

Glad to hear that. I guess I timed this well. I’ll stick around on the forums eagerly awaiting you’re feedback. I think the twist on the plot will be entertaining.

Very interesting and as expected left me wanting for more, I noticed a few spelling errors though.

mnarches instead of marches
rediculous instead of ridiculous (Although that might just be an alternate spelling)
and you’re instead of your father.

As far as the story goes and the changes made to the beginning I heartily approve.

Thanks for pointing that out and I’ll jump on misspellings and grammar tomorrow.

The Romans wouldn’t say “IX AD,” they’d say “DCCLXII AUC.” Not sure whether you want to give this one a pass or not, but I thought I should address it.

Also, discovered something. After choosing “Fight on your own” into “Roll and slash…”

“Slowly at first and then with gathering speed you bring your Gladius in a wide arc, severing your opponent’s leg.”

One problem: I picked the Spatha.

I like the AUC.

I like your idea and am in favor of historical accuracy however I dont think the majority of people will understand what you just proposed.

I have fixed all of the reported bugs and nearly all the others. I ran all the chapters through spell check and then proof read it myself. I would also like everyone to post on this thread and not on the other one, so we can make this the main topic.

Would you mind testing something for me?

When Chapter IV setting changes to the tavern take a look at your “Character” tab, you should see that all you’re armor is off you and you are dressed in a casual tunic and trousers. You’re stats should also change, so when you take off your helmet your defense decreases, but stamina increases and your helmet stat should say “None”. If this works it will allow players to pick up new weapons along the way in the game and chose to pick up new gear or leave some behind. I just want you to confirm this all works.

Just so you know, the previous gear you had on is saved to a secondary variable. So in essense the game remembers what you have in your inventory and so when you put your sword back in your belt. The game knows to insert either a Gladius or a Spatha and adds/decreases variables accordingly.

Will you be able to talk to the Augustus?

i just got an error just to give you a heads up after i picked the farmer background and said i was a guy it said there was a script error not sure if that’s new or not because it was working last-night

I was doing some work on it earlier, but everything should be fine now. Give it a try and let me know please.
Well eventually yes, but i can’t give any spoilers, but when you see him in Chapter IV he is rather angry and lets face it. Three lowly legionaries don’t mean much to the most powerful man in the known world.

Yeah it worked, I saw that through my first playthrough and wondered about that

Ok glad to hear that.

When picking the noble family, I got an error when picking my gender. Line 85: non-existent command ‘input_covername’ the error only shkws when choosing “daughter”. The “son” path seems perfectly fine.


in the begining when you choose your background when you choose that your father was a famous general it skips past the ambush and everything idk if its just me but i thought you should know

I will fix that now.
Yes, that background hasn’t been written yet and has “TODO” off the side, for my conveinence I use it to skip forward in the game to test various things.

You are very assertive to find that :slight_smile: