Legend Of Greece: Chapter 1 The Era Of The Prophecy Has Begun


The numerous spelling and grammar errors present in this game make it all but impossible to read. Try writing your script in Word first and then paste it into Choice Script. That way you can at least run a spell check.

In addition, a story about mythic gods and monsters does not have to be historically accurate, but you should at least get the basic details right so that you don’t lose the sense of immersion. For example, you probably shouldn’t describe Zeus as wearing a “white battle suit”, whatever that is.

Finally, the plot is a little rough at this point. I spent four years as a homeless pickpocket, and then randomly bumped into an old friend who made me Captain of his pirate ship despite not knowing if I had any sailing experience.


Hey Hercules isn’t the only one to go to the underworld there were others.


Yeah I know but none of them went there so often like he did!


Hercules practicly went to the Underworld FOR FUN, everyone else had some ‘urgent task’.
Also, every hero has been to the Underworld, they’re heroes, they’re not immortal.


Link doesn’t work


Link no worky and me wanted 2 plays


Can’t play :frowning:


Hello? I liked this game, we should add progress…


Ya the link stopped being valid a while back


Aaaww come on the links not working and i really wanted to play. I kept getting a 404 error. :-<